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CSC Certification Manual V.2.0

The CSC Certification Manual is a comprehensive resource for identifying actions that will improve sustainability. Even if your community is not currently interested in pursuing CSC Certification, the Manual is a great starting point that provides the following information for all 139 actions:

  1. Why is this action important?
  2. How to implement this action
  3. Timeframe, project costs, and resource needs
  4. Which local governments and departments shoud be responsible for implementation? 
  5. How to obtain certification points
  6. What documentation to submit
  7. Links to additional resources and best practices
CSC Certification Manual

CSC Certfication Rating System:

  • Broadly applicable
  • User friendly
  • Acknowledges early adopters
  • Promotes ongoing action
  • Rewards leaders

The CSC program is a unique state to local partnership across six state agencies including: 


CSC Action 5.3

Participate in the U.S. EPA WasteWise Program

WasteWise Website

The U.S. EPA WasteWise program works with local governments to apply resource-efficient materials management practices to reduce government waste. There are two ways to participate; 1) Partners agree to reduce or recycle government solid waste and set annual waste diversion goals using the Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) data management system; 2) Endorsers agree to recruit organizations to become WasteWise partners or endorsers and provide both with promotional, educational, or technical information.


CSC Action 7.23

Implement a Water Conservation and Reuse Program

WaterSense Website

Local governments can implement a water conservation and reuse program by joining EPA’s WaterSense program as a promotional partner. The EPA provides promotional resources and materials for the program. Local governments can participate at no-cost by signing the Promotional Partners Agreement, which requires local governments to educate residents, businesses, and institutions about water efficiency, undertake activities and events to achieve WaterSense goals, and provide data to the EPA on an annual basis about promotional activities.


Pledge Element 6

Reduce GHG Emissions Through the Use of Climate-Smart Land-Use Tools

Preserving the tree canopy in our communities provides a number of environmental and economic benefits. Communities can earn points for CSC Certification Action 6.18 Develop a Local Forestry Program with the help of free tools, such as i-Tree.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed i-Tree Tools to stregthen urban forestry management, quantify ecosystem services, account for carbon sequestration, increase community awareness, and to engage decision makers. i-Tree Tools are freely accessible and provide baseline data that can be used to demonstrate value and priorities for a single tree or an entire forest. Please visit to learn more and to view the 

What is i-Tree?

Explore i-Tree Tools

  • i-Tree Eco

  • i-Tree Streets

  • i-Tree Hydro

  • i-Tree Vue

  • i-Tree Design

  • i-Tree Canopy


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