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With the holidays nearly upon us, it’s time to start figuring out your holiday shopping list! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or are simply full of Yuletide cheer, Looney Labs has the perfect gift for all of your loved ones. To make it even easier on you, we’ve made a Holiday Gift Guide! From all of us here at Looney Labs, Happy Holidays! And if you’re wondering about our annual holiday gift, keep an eye out for our December newsletter!

Looney Labs has released six fantastic new games this year! First was Anatomy Fluxx, for our educators, featuring Learning Rules. Then, an all-new party game for 2-11 players called Get the MacGuffin. Next, we boldly went where no Fluxx has gone before: two new Star Trek Fluxx games that can even be combined (with the Bridge Pack)! Last but not least, new takes on Loonacy and Fluxx (of the Fairy Tale variety) featuring illustrations by the “Queen of Cute,” Mary Engelbreit!

Looking for the right stocking stuffer, or not sure what to get the Looney Labs fan in your life? Try something new with an expansion! Available for many different games, they feature everything from new rules to new mechanics, and even blank cards for adding your own touch!

Now available  from our online store only  introducing the Doctor Who Coin & Doctors Expansion!  You get a beautiful limited edition coin, which functions as a turn token when played with the accompanying "Move The Coin" rule card, plus we are including two new doctors: the War Doctor, which was the promo we handed out at conventions this year, and the shiny new 13th Doctor!

For our extra Looney fans, we came up with these bundles to give you more bang for your buck! Now you can get the complete Just Desserts package, or Monty Python, along with both the classic Castle pack, and the brand new Black Knight expansion.  And don't forget the Holiday Fruitcake Loonacy bundle: two great games, and some delicious fruitcake to add to both (it's only a few years old – we're sure it's still as tasty as ever!)

Pyramid Arcade is the culmination of decades of effort here at Looney Labs. It has 22+ games in one box, with hundreds more online. Ranging from quick press-your-luck games to simple strategy to deep complex games, and even dexterity games, you'll find something for everyone in Pyramid Arcade. Budding game designers can join a whole community of pyramid players excitedly working on new creations. It's a world of games, perfect for the family that games together looking for variety all in one box.

We all have fan-favorite characters or go-to genres. Some would call them obsessions, but we love to let our nerd flag fly! We’ve welcomed many of these obsessions... er, icons, into the Looney Labs family with these versions of Fluxx. Ranging from zombies and monsters to Batman and Doctor Who, there’s something for everybody!

Play games or study hard? A tough call, but with these gamesyou don't have to choose! Travel through time and patch paradoxes while you learn about history (and alternate history!) in Chrononauts and Early American Chrononauts. Or, if you need to brush up on your anatomy, chemistry, math, or nature  knowledge, we have a Fluxx for those too! Nanofictionary helps develop language skills and spark your inner storyteller. Then there's Zendo; the Mensa Select-winning critical thinking game where players compete to figure out the secret rule...using hypotheses and experiments that mirror the scientific method!


You may not know this but we’ve made some lovely shirts featuring the artwork from some of our games. We’ve even made Fluxx Soxx! This year we’ve got a special treat for you: 20% off all our apparel using code HOLIDAY20 in our Merch Store. And if you want to see more Looney apparel, watch out for upcoming newsletters; we design a new Shirt of the Month for each one!

Head over to your Friendly Local Game Store, pick up some Looney Labs fun, and cross those names off your list! You're totally going to win the gift-buying game! And if you don't have a game store close to you, just head to our webstore - we have a bunch more games to choose from, along with some accessories and promo cards for hardcore fans. Thanks for giving our games as gifts this holiday season!