August 2016
Super Glue Corporation News: August 2016

Leather and Wood Super Glue: Repairs and Projects

Do you happen to have any old pieces of furniture or old leather bags lying around the house that you want to repair or repurpose? Just because something is old and well-worn doesn’t mean that you need to throw it out.
With the use of Leather and Wood Super Glue, you can fix up those old pieces that you once loved or repurpose them in a fun art project. Leather and Wood Super Glue has the strength and versatility to help you finish the perfect project.

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Super Glue Projects to Improve Your Office Space

Everyone goes through bad days at work, where they have trouble concentrating and have a hard time getting things done. But if you have noticed that it has become a chronic problem, it could be a sign that your desk is too cluttered and in need of organization. With a few supplies you have around the house and a little help from Super Glue products, you can add some character and practicality to your office space.

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Avoid a Sticky Situation: Industrial Adhesive Safety Tips

While industrial adhesive, or super glue, can be useful in a number of different ways, it can also be difficult to use and can often cause problems if you don’t know how to use it correctly. Before you think about using your tube of super glue to fix an item, think about whether or not you should learn some safety tips in order to make the process a little less sticky.

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How to Re-Secure Outdoor Lights with Super Glue Epoxies

Because of their exposure to severe weather and nature’s other forces, outdoor lights undergo a lot of abuse that can cause the lights to break or come loose. This leads many homeowners to call a professional for help or to simply purchase new lights, but this can be expensive and a needless waste of time. Fortunately, with Super Glue epoxies, repairing and reattaching outdoor lights is a simple and easy DIY job that even the most inexperienced would-be handyman can do.

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