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For those of you who are not yet aware, The Download is a podcast hosted by game designers Keith Baker (of Twogether Studios) and Andy Looney (of Looney Labs). The Download reaches an exciting milestone today... the release of its 200th episode! To celebrate, super fan Leila Zucker has created a commemorative Custom Loonacy deck featuring her favorite episodes of The Download, including our artist, Goodloe's, hilarious takes on the episode titles. (We give him the title and short blurb and let him create whatever comes to him.)

All 200 of Goodloe's episodic cover art pieces are also available on the Custom Loonacy site so you can use them to create your own Custom Loonacy deck. You will also find over 500 other Looney Labs images to play with. Head on over and try making a deck... it's tons of fun, free to play around with, and only $10 to purchase if you like what you've made. And while you're creating, why not give the 200th episode of The Download a try? You'll find all sorts of nerdy fun--TV, book, and movie discussions, game design tips and inside information, and a look into the lives of these two lifelong friends.

There are a couple of great events coming up that we wanted to let you know about. First, there's the American Library Association's International Games Week from November 3-9! Did you know that many libraries now loan tabletop games just like they loan books? In addition, many libraries hold regular community game nights! International Games Week features libraries all over the world holding game nights and other fun activities. Looney Labs is participating in the event this year by donating Fairy Tale Fluxx to participating libraries. Why not check if your local library is participating? Or if you'd like to get more involved, here are some tips from the ALA: https://games.ala.org/get-involved/gamers/

Second, there's Extra Life. This is a not-for-profit organization that encourages gamers of all sorts to come together to help raise funds for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals across the country. Looney Labs is participating again this year by offering a "$10 Off" coupon code to anyone who raises $50 or more for Extra Life. The official game day is November 2nd, but you can continue to fundraise through the end of the year. Have fun and do some good!

Better yet, maybe you could combine the two events... fundraise for Extra Life and spend some of your pledged gaming time at your local library!

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This month's Custom Loonacy deck is tons of fun! You can buy it for just $10 at the link below.

Don't know what Custom Loonacy is yet? All is explained, including a how-to video at www.customloonacy.com. Go take a look! 

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Florida Association for the Gifted (FLAG) Annual Conference

Laurie will be representing Looney Labs at this event. She looks forward to talking to a variety of teachers, parents, and educational decision-makers about why games should be a part of every student's education. She hopes to play at least one game with every attendee!

The FLAG Annual Conference connects more than 400 educators and parents who promote and support educationally sound programs for gifted students. Focus is on strategies that elevate educational standards and proven curricula that promote project- and problem-based learning. Attendees will receive training and classroom resources.



Looney Labs will be at NAGC’s national conference for a third year. Looney Labs’ resident teacher, Laurie, will be demoing games, handing out freebies and information about the value of games in education, and showing off our new line of customizable card games. If you are the teacher or parent of a gifted child, come out to Albuquerque and see what NAGC and Looney Labs have to offer!

The National Association for Gifted Children’s Annual Convention offers valuable information and inspiration to K-12 teachers, university professionals, parents, and others who support gifted children from all backgrounds through 200+ content rich sessions, keynote addresses, student performances and artwork, a poster gallery of research, an exhibit hall, Family Day, and networking opportunities.



Andy and Kristin will be guests of honor at Igrokon. They are very excited to make their first trip to Russia and will be working with our Russian printing partner, HobbyWorld, to make play sessions and all sorts of other fun happen while they're there!

Igrokon is the largest festival of board games and home entertainment in Russia, bringing together people of different ages and interests at the gaming tables. You will find more than 1,000 different games, tournaments, master classes, contests, cosplay and much more! Both inveterate players and beginners, families with children, friends and couples can have fun and excitement at the festival.

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Q: Now that Star Trek DS9 Fluxx is out, will there be an expansion pack that connects it to the other Star Trek Fluxxes, like the Bridge pack? More importantly, what about Voyager?

A:  Yes, Star Trek Voyager Fluxx is on the way, but like their long trip back from the Delta Quadrant, I can’t say yet when it will arrive. We’ve just submitted the artwork to CBS for approval, and we’re hoping for a quick turnaround, but you just never know. Hopefully early next year. As for expansions, aside from the Ezri Dax promo card, we don’t have anything extra planned for DS9 Fluxx. It’s such a different show from the original Treks that it doesn’t lend itself to the same sort of interconnections as were possible in a TOS/TNG expansion. That said, all Trek Fluxxes share icons and concepts that allow them to be combined better than most Fluxx decks. (And remember to compare the fonts at the top when separating them again later!)

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Whether you have a casual fascination with the Looney Pyramids, are a dedicated Starship Captain, or just want to know about Pyramid Arcade, this FB group is the place to be!

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Looking for a casual game store to test your skills in Magic, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-oh, Warhammer, X-wing, Dragon Ball, as well as many of your other favorite games? Well, look no further. Turn Zero Games host a variety of events geared to their customers' favorite games every day of the week. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, they buy, sell and trade board games, collectible cards, miniatures, roleplaying materials and all gaming supplies. They work hard to provide a friendly, clean social atmosphere while simultaneously feeding competitive appetites. Go check them out!


P.S. - If you would like us to feature your store in an upcoming newsletter, submit your info here: Feature Store Submission Form

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