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Pyramid Arcade is a complete boxed set of 22 of the best games for the Looney Pyramids. Whether you are new to Looney Pyramids or have been playing with them for years, this game set will bring you endless hours of enjoyment!

Inside, you'll find something for everyone: from fast games to long games, luck games to strategy games, simple dexterity games to brain-burning puzzle games, games for two to games for ten.

We believe Kickstarter is the best way for Looney Labs and our existing pyramid fans to get the word out about Pyramid Arcade to new players. We want to make this boxed set an evergreen item in our product line and in stores in time for Christmas!

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Inside the Pyramid Arcade box is an entire game library, an arcade from another world, a whole gaming night - everything you need to play 22 Looney Pyramid games. Here's what you'll find:

  • 90 Pyramids 
  • 8 Mini Gameboards
  • 1 Two-Sided Folding Gameboard
  • 2 Deluxe Plastic Boards
  • 9 Dice
  • 1 Deck of Special Playing Cards (with 5 suits!)
  • 1 Mini Deck of Twin Win Cards
  • 1 Deck of Arcade Cards
  • 1 Drawstring Bag
  • 1 Turn Token
  • 1 Starship Captain Sticker
  • 1 Instruction Book

The instruction book has detailed instructions to play the following 22 games: Ice Dice, Zark City, Color Wheel, Black Ice, Twin Win, Treehouse, Petal Battle, Launchpad 23, Volcano, Hijinks, Ice Towers, Lunar Invaders, Verticality, Homeworlds, Powerhouse, Looney Ludo, Pyramid-Sham-Bo, Give or Take, World War 5, Petri Dish, Martian Chess, and Pharaoh.

Master ten of the games inside and you can become an official Starship Captain. Scroll down for the Starship Captain Facebook page!

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Whether you have a casual fascination with the Looney Pyramids, are a dedicated Starship Captain, or just want to discuss our Pyramid Arcade Kickstarter, this new FB group is the place to be!

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22 nd

PAX East 2016 is about having fun, hanging out with likeminded folk, and pretty much soaking in everything that is awesome about gaming culture. WE ARE SO DOWN WITH THAT.

3 RD

Visit Awesome Con, DC's huge comic and pop culture convention! We will be set up in the Tabletop gaming! Maybe we can get Adam West and Burt Ward to play Batman Fluxx, or Morena Baccarin to play Firefly Fluxx, or Peter Capaldi and John Barrowman to play Chrononauts!

24 TH

LooneyCon is a big birthday party to celebrate Looney Labs and Fluxx's 20th birthdays! Time to play!

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Q: But what about Zendo?

A: There are many fantastic games for the pyramids that will not be featured in this set, such as the very popular Zendo, and the original classic Icehouse. These games could not be included in Pyramid Arcade because they require more pyramids of fewer colors than this set is designed around.

That's why our primary stretch goal is called Zendo Arcade! If we reach $100,000, we will officially begin product development on Zendo Arcade, which will include all the pyramids and special accessories needed to play Zendo and a number of other old-school "full stash" games.

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