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- Upcoming: TMF Washington

​- Annual conference 2016: videos and presentations

- InterMedia article: "High Flown Ideas"

- Q&A with Andrea Millwood-Hargrave, Director General, IIC

-Six good reasons to join the IIC


- Round up of Communications Policy and Regulation Week

- Event calendar​​

- Update from the Americas 

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- Update from Europe

- Latest updates from Regulatory Watch


Hello ,

What’s needed to encourage innovation and at the same time safeguard critical systems, and citizens?

This is a recurring theme for IIC events and was certainly a big topic of conversation in Bangkok this month at our Annual Conference and International Regulators’ Forum.

The role of the regulator is coming under increasing scrutiny with the rise of over the top (OTT) services.  Should we be encouraging more ‘level playing field’ approaches with regulation of innovative, next-generation communications?

Brian Williamson makes a strong case for re-evaluating regulation in his article High Flown Ideas published in the latest issue of InterMedia.

This is a theme that will be vigorously pursued in Washington DC when we convene at the final Telecommunications and Media Forum of 2016. We’d love to hear your view on the subject.

With best wishes,


Andrea Millwood Hargrave
Director General

Upcoming Events

Telecommunication and Media Forum

The implications of technological advancement and the evolving political landscape internationally

29-30 November 2016, Washington DC

In November, we will be back in Washington D.C. for our final Telecommunications and Media Forum in which we will examine a year of turbulence where technologies continue to disrupt established practices and the global background is shifting quickly, with the UK’s decision to leave Europe (‘Brexit’) a prime example. Join leading practitioners and experts as they discuss the implications of these changes.


Tom Wheeler

Chairman, FCC


Marcus Weldon

President of Bell Labs and Corporate Chief Technology Officer, Nokia

Main themes to be discussed will include:

• Transformational technologies: 5G, IoT, AI and SDN

• Implications of Election year

• Brexit and global policy

• Whither net neutrality?

Register here

Communications Policy and Regulation Week

This year the International Regulators’ Forum (IRF) and the 47th Annual Conference was in Bangkok focusing on the digital transformation of society, new tipping points, policies and strategies and the role the regulator could or should play.

We also ran two workshops, two dinners and an informal drinks reception during the week.  The final workshop, scheduled for 14 October, was cancelled out of respect to the Thai people and Royal Family.

A daily round-up of proceedings at the Annual Conference was provided by CommsDay, official publication for the event.

International Regulators' Forum

Part of Communications Policy and Regulation Week

This event, exclusively for regulators, was attended by delegates from over 30 countries.  In one session talks focused on the pressures that convergence brings and the need for collaboration between regulatory agencies. In a panel of regulators from Tobago, Ireland, Thailand, Taiwan and Canada, regulators challenged the expression ‘the level playing field’. The appropriateness of traffic management, and the tensions created by OTTs in the erstwhile ‘traditional’ content market, were also raised by speakers and delegates.

Eligible regulatory members will receive a full report of the event in due course.

The IIC’s 47th Annual Conference

Part of Communications Policy and Regulation Week

We were thrilled to welcome many members and non-members to our 47th Annual Conference. Regulators, operators, government organisations and other TMT professionals came representing five different continents.

Videos and presentations from many of the sessions, including the keynotes are available on the IIC website

Workshop 1: Collaborating to eliminate spam and nuisance communications

Part of Communications Policy and Regulation Week

The issue of spam and nuisance communications is a priority for many governments, and one where international collaboration is needed in areas of policy, regulation, and enforcement. This workshop, organised by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, presented case studies highlighting the cross-border nature of many of the issues discussed such as malware, robo-calling and botnets.

Workshop 2: A dialogue on building a responsible and sustainable advertising policy framework

Part of Communications Policy and Regulation Week

This invitation-only workshop looked at the key issues raised in creating a responsible and sustainable advertising policy framework for the region. Considering the APEC Action Agenda on Advertising Standards and Practice Development, topics discussed looked at the progress made since the Agenda was published (in 2014) and considered regulatory practice in other jurisdictions.

Event Calendar

16 November What will be the UK's 'red lines' in the Brexit negotiations? London IIC Chapter event
16-17 November Canadian Chapter Conference Ottawa IIC Chapter event
29-30 November Telecommunications and Media Forum  Washington DC 

IIC Global event

9-13 October 2017 Communications Policy and Regulation Week Brussels IIC Global event




Andrea Millwood-Hargrave

Andrea Millwood-Hargrave, Director General, IIC

This month, Policy World questions Andrea Millwood Hargrave, the Director General and driving force behind the IIC

  1. Communications Policy and Regulation Week has happened this month, with a programme that consisted not only of the International Regulators Forum (IRF) and the 47th Annual Conference but also workshops and lots of networking opportunities. What were the key take-aways?
  2. Why is it important to bring senior regulators together with industry?
  3. What are the key challenges that the IIC sees coming ‘just around the corner’?
  4. You have been a key contributor to the IIC for more than 20 years, firstly in your role as a Broadcasting Regulator and in the last eight years as Director General.  What drives your commitment to this organisation?

See Ms Millwood Hargrave's answers

Regional Updates

The IIC has a number of directors in various regions of the world. These are dedicated TMT professionals who work with the IIC on a voluntary basis to share knowledge, facilitate relationships and create long-term bonds between regulatory authorities and the businesses they regulate.  Here we bring you news from these regions.



Towards an Innovation Agenda for the Communications and Media Sector

16-17 November, Ottawa

The Canadian chapter of IIC is in the final stages of preparation for its annual conference which will bring together business and government leaders in broadcasting, media, telecommunications and technology to engage on key issues affecting the future of the Canadian communications sector. Conference speakers will include the Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, and Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the Canadian communications regulator, the CRTC.

Discussion themes will cover

• Communications and the innovation agenda of the Canadian government

• The role of traditional and new media in elections in Canada and the U.S.A.

• An inside view of cyber security and the communications industry

• Big data as a driver of innovation

• Canadian content innovations



There are various news items from the ACMA this month.  See the website for updates on

  • ACMA 2015-16 Annual Report tabled in Parliament
  • Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Media Reform Bill) 2016 Senate Inquiry
  • Interactive Gambling Amendment (Sports Betting Reform) Bill 2015 Senate Inquiry
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation Amendment (Rural and Regional Advocacy) Bill 2015 Senate Inquiry
  • ACMA publishes five year spectrum outlook


Recent Events

The Challenge of Cyber Security

4 October 2016, co-hosted by the IIC, ICANN and TRPC

ICANN Singapore, South Beach Tower

This event, co-hosted by the IIC, ICANN and TRPC looked at cyber security in a world of connected devices. Speakers addressed concerns and strategies at policy making and regulation level. For a summary of the event click here.



What will be the UK’s "red lines" in the Brexit negotiations on digital issues?

16 November 2016, co-hosted by the IIC and Frontier Economics, London

Now that the dust has somewhat settled, and a new government is in place, we can start looking in to what Brexit means for the UK and its digital policy. There are many questions and concerns, but there may also be potential positives.  To book your place at what promises to be a lively discussion contact Shermin Ali


Members receive InterMedia, the IIC’s quarterly journal. It reviews key developments in telecommunications and media policy, regulatory affairs, emergent ICT trends and, especially, the impact of the internet across the entire ecosystem.

High-Flown Ideas

Should we be striving for the ‘level playing field’ with regulation of innovative, next-generation communications? Brian Williamson makes a strong case for setting them free.

Brian Williamson is a member of Communications Chambers, focusing on strategy and policy concerning the internet and telecoms, and is based in London. This article draws on work for the UK Computer and Communications Industry Association.

InterMedia is a rich resource of articles, reports and interviews and the contents reflect the IIC’s on-going discussion themes.  To make life easier for you, we’ve created an index of all the articles published since 2014 and 2015.

Full index of 2014-2016 InterMedia articles


Regulatory Watch

The IIC’s eye on the news.  This bulletin is regularly updated with thumbnails of industry news.  Follow the links for a round-up of latest industry stories. 

New standards release to expand IoT ecosystem

The potential of the internet of things (IoT) is said to have ‘advanced significantly’ as oneM2M, the global standards initiative for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and the IoT, has published a new set of specifications, Release 2.

Brexit means what for telecoms regulation?

Self-styled telecoms policy wonk, Ewan Sutherland, has looked at what the UK’s ‘Brexit’ will mean for regulation. As he says: “The vote for Brexit means the UK will cease to be a member of the European Union (EU) and, consequently, to play a role in the development of the rules applied to the single market.

White House issues report on artificial intelligence

The Obama White House has released a report on future directions and considerations for artificial intelligence (AI), called ‘Preparing for the future of artificial intelligence’. The report surveys the current state of AI, its existing and potential applications, and the questions that progress in AI raise for society and public policy.

Singapore’s converged regulator is now a reality

Singapore's new converged telecoms and media regulator, the Infocomm and Media Development Authority (IMDA), has now been launched, reports Telecom Asia. “The new agency has been tasked with helping Singapore seize opportunities in the converging telecoms and media sectors...”

Over the top could be regulated in Paraguay

Paraguay is preparing a new law to regulate the country’s growing internet-based TV services, specifically targeting the taxation of over the top (OTT) operators, Rapid TV News reported recently.

South Africa’s ICT paper makes waves with national wireless infrastructure plan

The South African government has approved its ICT Policy white paper, which has been in development since 2012, with the document outlining the establishment of a wireless open access network (OAN), reports TeleGeography.


We’d be interested to hear your views on any of these stories so email Andrea Millwood Hargrave with any comments and we’ll publish a selection of viewpoints.

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