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Centre E-Newsletter - October 2017
Permanent or interim? Top advice for your students

Recruitment expert Simon Wicks outlines some pros and cons of interim working and getting a full-time job

The interim market consists of contract job roles that tend to be for a set period of time. This can often be a very good move financially, but doesn’t suit everybody. So what should your students take into consideration when they are contemplating moving into the jobs market?

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Accounting ‘T’ qualification proposed

The subjects for the new Technical qualifications, equivalent to A-levels, have been announced by the UK government.

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UK improves youth opportunities

The UK has reached its best-ever position in PwC’s Youth Workers Index. The UK is now 18th out of 35 OECD countries. The index found that over the next 15 years up to 28% of UK young workers’ jobs could be at risk of automation.

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The QCF is coming to an end

As I am sure that you are all aware, the QCF is drawing to a close. The deadline for new registrations is the end of December 2017 with all registered students to complete within 2018.

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Essay cheat companies face ban

An educational watchdog has announced a clampdown on ‘essay mills’ that help students cheat.

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It’s time to get with it!

Research from Xero has found that one in five accountants and bookkeepers are still using paper ledgers, despite nearly two-thirds believing that the profession is at a technology tipping point.

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‘Let students use web in exams’

Harvard professor Eric Mazur says undergraduates should be allowed to use laptops and phones in their exams. He said that allowing technology into the exam hall would better test students’ creative and analytical skills rather than their ability to recall information.

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International - Greece, lenders to start talks again, as countdown starts

Greece’s creditors will return to Athens next week to assess its bailout compliance, in a review which should be concluded swiftly if the country is to meet its goal of emerging from lenders’ supervision next year.

Athens hopes to wrap up the review by January to start discussions with its lenders right after on the terms of exiting its current, 86-billion euro bailout in August 2018, and on further debt relief - a long-standing Greek demand.

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