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Summer Buzz from Bumpkins

Goodbye School Leavers!

It doesn't quite seem possible that we are heading towards the end of the school year at Bumpkins, and are beginning to say goodbye to our Preschoolers as they leave to start school this September.

We do feel a little sad as we say goodbye as many of our Pre Schoolers have been with us since they were babies!

However, we know that the children are leaving us well prepared for this exciting new stage in their lives, and we all feel a sense of pride as we wave them on their way!

It's not completely goodbye either - we have excellent links with the schools so we do get to hear how the children are settling in, and of couse we look forward to welcoming everyone back for our Leaver's Party on 9th September.

Our Garden

Our garden

Thank you so much for all your wonderful support in helping us to create our new garden area at the Main Nursery. 

We are already introducing the children to growing their own vegetables and flowers (look out for our herbs below..)

The new Wendy House is on order and will be assembled this month, and we have some friendly gnomes that are due to make an appearance soon!   One little ask - if any parents do have spare Little Tikes cars (the red and yellow ones), they would be very gratefully received.

We love our new log toadstools!

We love our new log toadstools!

Bird box

The bird box is up on the wall, hoping for visitors next Spring

Tools and lawnmowers for the children to help maintain the garden!

Tools and lawnmowers for the children to help maintain our garden!

Fresh herbs

Fresh Herbs

We've even grown enough herbs in the garden to harvest, so if you see the box out in the entrance in the Main Nursery, please feel free to help yourself and use in your own cooking at home.


Pre School Sports Day - Rescheduled Wednesday 16th August

It's the highlight of the Bumpkins social calendar for children and parents alike... It's the Bumpkins Pre-School Sports Day!

It been rescheduled to Wednesday 16th August

We'll have scooter relays, obstacle courses, running races and of course the most popular event of all, the Mum and Dad’s Race!
And of course we always end the day with a well-earned ice cream.

Look out for notices around the Pre-School.

Toddler Tips

Shelling Peas

Our Bumpkins Toddler Tips are full of fun and easy activities for families with young children.

We have a growing collection of Toddler Tips on our website.

Read our latest, Shelling Peas... not only do they taste wonderfully fresh but there are fun and games to be had whilst shelling them too!

Hats and sunscreen!

Just a little reminder to bring in hats and sunscreen for your child to keep them safe in the sun.

Our outdoor areas offer plenty of shade too.


Our sunflowers have reached the roof!

How are yours doing?

Please share them on Facebook, you can see you Sunflower gallery here :-)


News from the Caterpillars, Ladybirds, Bumblebees and Butterflies..

The Caterpillars and Ladybirds have been having a room competition to create new, exciting and stimulating treasure baskets for the babies to explore...

... whilst the Bumblebees have been learning about Space, and the Butterflies are focused on Travel and Holidays.... So if any of the Butterfly children go away over summer, we would love to see any pictures or postcards to encourage holiday themed discussions and play.

Signage and Parking

Bumpkins Signage

Look out for our bright new signage which has been going up around both the Main Nursery and Pre School.

We hope the new Slow, Children at Play signs will encourage everyone to slow down as they near the Nursery entrances.

And a quick word on parking from Farmer Roger.... with harvest season upon us, please keep the gateways clear when dropping off and collecting your children.   Thank you!

And finally... contacting Bumpkins

Just a note to ask that all emails are sent through to us at hello@bumpkinsnursery.co.uk

It is not so easy for us to pick up messages via Facebook and replies which come in to this newsletter go astray.

The Bumpkins Team