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Top 100 Golf Courses "BiteSize" – November 2017

The biennial overhaul of our Britain and Ireland rankings has at last completed. We started the re-evaluation process back in May and this month we’ve published the final set of English Best In County rankings for the South East, which have informed our new 2018 England Top 100 and subsequently our hot off the press 2018 Britain & Ireland Top 100.

Next month we’ll publish our 2018 World Top 100 and following that we’ll be switching our attention to Continental Europe prior to turning the spotlight on the USA. We also plan to publish the first Asian Top 100 in the not too distant future and we acknowledge that this particular ranking list is long overdue.

We’d like to thank everyone who has helped shape our rankings, both formally and informally. We will never please everyone, but we do encourage feedback both good and bad via the Top 100 website and any of our social media channels.

Top 100 Golf Courses of Britain & Ireland 2018

Having produced updated ranking lists for England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, over the last couple of months, we’ve now merged those national charts to create an all-embracing Top 100 table for Britain & Ireland. But spare a thought for our intrepid correspondent Brian Ward, who recently completed the hundred, only to now discover there’s a Scottish new entry in this edition that he’s not yet played!

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Top 100 Golf Courses of England 2018

We first published an English Top 100 more than a decade ago and this is our 7th biennial ranking list for the nation that continues to hide its golfing light under a bushel. There are a handful of new entries in our revised table – three are actually re-entries – but two Golden Age classics appear in this intensely competitive ranking list for the very first time.

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South East England - Top 50 Golf Courses 2017

Our seventh and final regional update for England’s South East firmly underpins our latest England Top 100. In this area you’ll find the nation’s largest swathe of heathland, where there is seemingly an infinite number of classic heathery courses from which to choose. There’s also a trio of Open Championship links (one current and two former) in this very strong golfing region.

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Introduction to Ellerstina Golf by Matthew Dusenberry

Golf course architect Matthew Dusenberry explains the story behind the unique design of the innovative Ellerstina golf course which is set in the heart of a world-famous private polo ranch to the west of downtown Buenos Aires. “This design concept provides the greatest amount of variety and fun by allowing players to create their own golf experience and it is only limited by imagination.”

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Review of the Month October 2017 – Royal Dornoch

Royal Dornoch apparently only has a handful of superior courses in the world, and despite not playing that many top tracks, I do find that at least mildly surprising. Will have to defer to those with more experience. Having said this, I did really enjoy the course - and it did more than enough to ensure I look forward to returning to see if I have undervalued it.

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