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Swimming Pool - Important Update

Hi everyone,

I wanted to update you on progress with our swimming pool.

As most of you are aware Stonnington Council are the owners of our Tennis Club. They have expressed serious concerns around risk management in regards to the pool. In order to mitigate those concerns, we have employed a Consultant in this area. I have attached a copy of his report, to give you a sense of the complexity around this exercise. It has already cost the Club a significant amount of time and money to get to this point. It will probably cost a fair bit more, to complete the work required.

As a Committee, we believe the majority of our members would like to keep the pool. It is a point of differentiation for our club, and a reason that some members joined in the first place. It would seem a shame to give this up, but at some point we may have to decide differently.

In summary, we are keen to open the pool, as soon as permitted. The Council is concerned about potential incidences, and who might be liable. As Stonnington owns the club, we need to work with them, to ensure an agreed outcome.

Ralph Muir-Morris