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EMTC Board of Directors - Call for Nominations 2017-18

Dear Members,

It is that time of year again. We are due to hold our Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

The AGM will be held on 29th October 2017 at 5:30pm in the East Malvern Tennis Club Clubhouse.

If you are considering putting your name down to join the Board, you will need to complete and return the 2017/18 Director Nomination Form :

To facilitate the voting process (if required), we will circulate all written nominations and bios prior to the AGM so you are fully informed.

Please Note: The completed form must be returned by Monday 25th September 2017.

This year has been one of Consolidation. Our Lights are up and working well. The Courts are holding up well, albeit with a lot of dedication from Robin, Rohan and others. The Court surface we currently have requires effort from everyone. With the significant court usage our Club experiences, it remains the logical choice going forward.

The most important part of our Club is playing Tennis. We are in the middle of our Club Championships and Paul Lidgerwood, Andrew McVean and Deb have done a great job juggling the logistics. I have to say the Sausages have been amazing, mostly because I’ve been cooking them. The work done by Chris Woods and Peter Car with Night Tennis has been exceptional. We are overflowing with Teams during the week. Weekend Tennis under the guidance of Rohan Appleton and Alan Young maintains its high standards. I cannot express too strongly, how pleased we are to have Tony Lane looking after the Juniors. We had grave concerns that no one would be able to follow in Ian’s footsteps. Tony has moved seamlessly into the position. We have more work to do encouraging females to participate in Teams. We are very pleased to have our current players, but would love to create more opportunities. Any suggestions can be directed to Katharine, who is investigating what we might do.

We are now well known and regarded, by the Tennis bodies of Tennis Victoria and Tennis Australia, especially with our November 2016 “Most Outstanding Tennis Club in Australia” Newcombe Medal Award.  We continue to receive wonderful acknowledgement and support, from federal and state governments. Kelly O’Dwyer, in particular, attends our functions, and sings our praises. Given how exceptionally busy she is, we are extremely grateful for her interest in us.

All Sporting Clubs now face the challenge of ensuring they comply with regulations around Children in Sport. The Committee has ensured we are doing everything we can and should to make our Club a safe haven for those who are entrusted to us. You will see new signs, and update policies to this effect. We all have Working with Children Certificates and are completing Play by the Rules Accreditation.

As I’ve mentioned previously, we’re looking to rebuild the clubhouse. This is a significant undertaking, and an expensive one. We hope to work with the council, on our strategic plan for the future. We’ll need all the help and favours we can garner, to get this across the line.

We continue to look for opportunities to work with our sponsors. The funds provided are invaluable to the ongoing health of the Club. Bank of Melbourne have been great for our members and the Club. Keep Audi Penfold Burwood in mind for new, and second hand vehicles. The service centre located around the corner is also a plus. If you want a hand selling your house or buying a new one, the Team at Marshall White Armadale are both experienced and capable. I am about to visit our other sponsor: Malvern East Physiotherapy. Old age and deteriorating knees need help.

I have to mention those who work with us in the background and don’t receive the glory during the year. They are as critical to our success as rest of us. Julie Kealey, Glenn Mescher, Andrew McVean, continue to provide quality input and advice to the group.

I can’t finish without thanking Wonder Woman (aka Debra Bolic) and her faithful assistant Katharine. We all know how much effort Deb puts in, and how a lot of it is volunteered. Katharine has fitted in really well. She has capability and maturity beyond her years. 

There are four positions (out of nine) up for election at this AGM. As per our new Constitution, the other five will be up again at next years' AGM.

  • President:  Ralph is standing again for this role.
  • Secretary:   Deb is standing again for this role.
  • Director 4:  Glenn is standing again for this role.
  • Director 5:  Tony is standing again for this role.

If you believe you can add to the skills and expertise of the current committee, and have the time, passion and drive to contribute to the Club please nominate for one, or more, of these positions.  As per the Nomination Form we need a brief statement of your interest and experience with EMTC and Committees generally, as well as the skills and attributes you would bring to the next Committee.

Kind Regards,
Ralph Muir-Morris
East Malvern Tennis Club