Let's Talk About Food Policy in NJ

in New Jersey, the farming sector is viewed and treated by legislators and regulators solely as an economic sector, rather as the crossroads where our health, our food system and our environment intersect.


How a Food Hub Would Help
Family Farms Reach New Markets

While farmers’ markets and on-farm direct-to-consumer markets are proliferating in northern New Jersey, small to mid-sized farms need a way to reach institutional buyers: restaurants, grocery stores, corporate and school cafeterias, etc.


Working to Increase Land Access
and “Grow” New Farms

Working with a coalition of land trusts, the  State Agriculture Development Committee, county goverments  and other stakeholders, we are working to improve land access for New Jersey farmers and establish an "incubator" farm for beginning farmers.


Volunteer to Fight Food Waste and Deliver Farm-Fresh Food to Those in Need

Our LocalShare program connects farms and food pantries so that crops left after the harvest-–food that usually goes to waste–-feed hungry families instead. We are approaching 10,000 lbs. so far this year!


Share Your Surplus with Those in Need

When your home garden or chickens are gifting you with more zucchini or eggs than you can possibly eat, drop them at the LocalShare It! Basket at the Blairstown Farmers' Market. At the end of the market, it will all be delivered  to local food pantries to feed those in need.


Blairstown Farmers Market, Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., 5 Stillwater Road


"News from the Field" is designed to keep you informed on what's going on in our northern NJ foodshed and on the work of the Foodshed Alliance.

We would love your feedback and to hear your questions and concerns on the challenges of strengthening our local food system to become one that is green, fair, nutritious and affordable to all! 

Kendrya Close
Executive Director
Foodshed Alliance


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