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Did you hear that we've launched a new podcast? Andy Looney & Keith Baker are game designers, lifelong friends and gigantic nerds! keith is best known as the designer of the card game, Gloom, while Andy's biggest claim to fame is the card game, Fluxx.  Back in the 1990s, they worked in the computer industry at side-by-side desks, but then Keith moved away and now they live on opposite coasts.  To stay in touch, they started a weekly phone chat which they refer to as "The Download," and they've had many fascinating discussions over the yeras. Now they are letting everyone eavesdrop as they talk shop about game design and debate important recent developments on TV shows they watch. 

Episodes of The Dowload are going up weekly. Click here to listen!

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11 TH

1:00PM International TableTop Day with Looney Labs. Celebrate with us in Washington DC! There will be games, snacks & door prizes! We'll be giving away exclusive, awesome swag and debuting our new game, Just Desserts! FREE!

16 TH

1:00PM Looney Lounge. Come on out for a Looney Lounge in College Park, MD where you can hang out with Andy Looney, have snacks and play games with the Looney Labs crew! We'll demo your favorites as well as a few prototypes Andy is working on. It will be a fun afternoon and it's FREE!

29 TH

10:00AM Have you been to AwesomeCon? Um, WILLIAM SHATNER & GEORGE TAKEI are going to be there! We are extra excited to set up again this year (we're big Trekkies)! Find us in the tabletop gaming area and in the exhibit hall!

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Whether you are a casual player of Looney Labs games or a dedicated Game Technician, our fan club is the place for news and special insider programs from Looney Labs!

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The awesomeness of Cartoon Network's greatest hits teams up with Fluxx, the card game of ever-changing rules, to create a truly great game!

Look for it on your friendly local game store's shelves beginning April 1!

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Spielbound Board Game Cafe in Omaha, Nebraska opened in 2014 as a way to provide a comfortable space for the community to come together and play board games. Their library has over 1200 donated games that people can play and they also offer tasty, traditional coffee house menu items.  Andy was able to drop in a few months ago to play games and really loved it! If you're in the Omaha area, please pay them a visit!