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Merriment in May?

Marching on...

Hello Everyone, 

We are officially calling it, we want good weather and we want it now! The sunshine this morning really did put a spring in our step, so we are all hoping that it's going to be sunshine filled month for us all - not least because the 18th and 19th of May see the return of the 
family film screenings and Night Markets in the Market Square. Full info on the events is available here...

The A to Z of Airport Lynx

The A to Z of Airport Lynx

We love talking with our customers but with everyone travelling as much as they do, we can’t spend as much time with everyone as we would like to! Our newsletter is a great halfway house which allows us to keep in touch and share updates on our work. Your feedback always asks us to provide more detail of how we ‘work our magic’. So it’s with this in mind, that we’re starting a new feature – the A to Z of Airport Lynx. Each month we will pick two, possibly three letters from the alphabet and use them as a way to help us think of how we can tell you more about Airport Lynx and how we work. To kick us off, we’ve chosen the letter A. Read more...

Ever considered cleaning your teeth with a shot of lemon oil?

Ever considered cleaning your teeth with a shot of lemon oil?

Being helpful folk, (and because our newest team member Sammy is addicted to all things beauty related), we have a quick round up of some really cool, interesting and useful things which might make it easier to travel with products within your hand luggage. It’s a proper ‘win win’ – in addition to saving you space and time, the environment benefits and you’ll also prevent your belongings from being covered in shower gel/toothpaste!

So, without further ado, here are some travel essentials that you never knew existed. Read more...

Passenger collections at Stansted and Luton

The ongoing developments at Stansted and Luton Airports are causing pick ups from flights to take much longer than they should. To combat this, if a passenger requests it, we will collect from outside the drop off zone at Stansted or Luton Airport.

The passenger will need to walk outside to the drop off zone and call their driver who will be waiting a short distance away. To make this work, we require the passenger to be at the drop off zone before calling as the driver will not be able to wait. We'll also need a working mobile number which has been pre supplied to us.

This option is only suitable for the more experienced traveller. 
If you're a regular user of Stansted or Luton you'll appreciate a reduced car parking cost and a quicker pick up. If you'd like to try this out, please let us know when you make your booking. For anyone who is not familiar with the airport, the regular meet & greet system will be more appropriate and we're of course happy to continue to provide this.

And finally...

And finally...

As proud residents of Cambridge, we're very pleased to hear that the Jesus Green Lido opens again on Saturday 12 May at 10am. If you go to the opening morning, we'd love to see photos of it - and the people braving the 'fresh air'! 

As usual all feedback is welcome - we're in middle of updating our website and articulating how we do what we do, so your input is particularly important at this point.... 

Wishing you a May filled with sunshine,
Steve, Jayne and the office team.