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Halloween - we're ready for you!

Halloween - unsplash image

Halloween is here which can only mean one thing - businesses gearing up to travel before Thanksgiving and Christmas is upon us. We always enjoy this time of year - there's lots happening and passengers are usually very chatty with news of all the different places they are flying to! 

Safety on the roads

Safety on the roads

Since the day we began serving customers as they travel, it has been our default position to send our cars and drivers onto the road in pristine condition.

We took a car (which is not in use by anyone who works for Airport Lynx) into our garage today, for a service, for someone who works as a private hire taxi driver. The car came to us just after the driver had taken passengers to an airport.

On initial viewing, the car was not just dirty, but it also had extensive damage on the outside - damaged trims, bumpers and scuffed corners. However it was when we took the tyres off that we became truly concerned. Read more...

Free flight upgrades - are they still possible?

Free flight upgrades - unsplash image

How to get a free flight upgrade – it’s one of the most commonly searched terms relating to all things flying. It’s no surprise really – if you’ve ever travelled in first or business class you’ll have struggled to go back to economy. We’ve done the research and found that there are a number approaches you can take to getting a free flight upgrade…. Read more...



On Friday the 20th October, the entire Airport Lynx and Myhill’s Mini-Coaches teams got their pink on to fundraise for Breast Cancer Now.

#WearItPink has been happening since 2002 and to date, has raised over 30 million pounds. Fundraising is donated to research that’s working to discover how to prevent breast cancer, how to detect it earlier and how to treat it effectively at every stage. In the office, we decided to wear pink clothes and bake cakes which we would sell for charity. The entire team joined in! Read more...


And finally... 

We take great pride in serving you as you travel. If you have any feedback on our services, we'd appreciate your getting in touch. Please email info@airportlynx.co.uk or call the office on 01223 440040 - we want to make sure that we take you and your team from A to B discreetly, safely and in style.

Best wishes,
Steve, Jayne and the Airport Lynx team.