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In 2013, approximately 6,000 Canadians were diagnosed with melanoma. More than 1,000 of these patients lost their battle. Skin cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer in our country. It is also preventable.

The sun doesn’t take holidays.

Sun protection isn’t about avoiding the great outdoors...it’s about smart sun habits and having more time to enjoy it. The sun emits radiation through ultraviolet (UV) and infrared waves. The latter is what we perceive as warmth and both cause significant skin mutations. Approximately 90 per cent of these waves penetrate clouds and glass and reflect off snow, sand and concrete 365 days per year, regardless of the season.

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Dermatologists specialize in the nuances that affect and contribute to skin health. Medical dermatology encompasses conditions as common as acne to more serious skin cancers. Heed our dermatologists’ advice: Protect your skin and visit regularly for monitoring to ensure the well-being of your skin.

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NEW Venus Viva™ skin firming treatments.

It's no secret, as we age, our skin gradually loses volume and the firmness of our youth slowly diminishes. Where surgical facelifts were once the only option for treating skin laxity, patients are now relishing the opportunity for facial and body skin tightening without surgery.

Introducing... the latest advancement in non-invasive skin tightening: Venus Viva™. As a centre for advanced dermatology and aesthetic medicine, Thornhill Dermatology Centre specializes in advanced skin tightening treatments. Venus Viva™ employs a patented NanoFractional Radio Frequency™ technology to target deep layers of skin.

As collagen is remodelled and stimulated, patients notice firmer skin, improved texture and diminished scarring, fine lines and wrinkles. Venus Viva™ is safe for all skin types and recovery time is minimal.

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