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17 March 2017

Deadlines - messages for businesses

Help remind businesses about their deadline to register under the Food Act by sharing our digital advertising campaign.

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Reminder for all food businesses

Reminder for childcare centres


Verifier map

We've published a new map to help businesses find a verifier. The map allows businesses to search for verifiers by location and risk-based measure. 

Thanks to everyone who provided information for the map. Please let us know if anything changes so we can keep it up to date.

See the map    ‚Äč

We've also created a map of businesses - see below.

Help us design food safety tools

To complement the new template food control plan, we want to create tools that really work for businesses. This might include record templates, training materials - or other things that make food safety easier.

Join us for a workshop on 29 March in Wellington, or share your ideas on Facebook

More details are below.


How can businesses update their template food control plan?

In the last newsletter we mentioned that businesses using the December 2015 template will need to update their plan. Apologies for the distress this has been causing! We realise a lot of you are concerned about businesses needing to reprint their paperwork.

The plan has been revoked, which means businesses do need to update to either the Food Service and Food Retail March 2017 template, or the new Simply Safe and Suitable template, by their next registration.

This was done to avoid multiple versions of the same template, which can be confusing for businesses and verifiers. But we also understand that this is causing some practical difficulties. We know this is our fault - and we want to try and fix it. 

For businesses that want to carry on operating as they are, moving to the new plan will involve minimal change. We're thinking of things we could do to avoid hassle or cost to businesses and councils of printing new paperwork. These are just some initial options we've thought about: 

  • We can produce an 'update pack', to make it very clear what has actually changed, and what businesses' options are. (i.e. to change over to one of the two new templates, and by when)
  • MPI could contact all affected businesses, or councils could
  • Businesses can change to the simply safe and suitable template - which involves substantially less paperwork, and can be tailored to their business using an online tool
  • MPI could cover the cost of providing new templates for some businesses - such as those who have only recently signed up, or have a registration coming up soon
  • Businesses could download and store the new plans electronically, so that they do not need to reprint all their documents

What do you think would work? We are open to suggestions about what would help you and your businesses. 

We have also had enquiries from businesses who want to change to the simply safe and suitable template before their next registration. What should these businesses do? Can they simply call their council to let them know they have changed templates?

Email your MPI liaison or share your thoughts on LinkedIn


What tools do people need to implement their plan?

As mentioned above - work on the template isn't over yet. Here is some more information about the tools we're working on.

Last week, we published a starter toolkit along with the new plan - which contains record templates, training materials and other resources to help businesses implement their plan. But we are working to improve this toolkit. We want to create resources that will really help businesses to embed food safety practices in their daily routine.

If you would like to come to the workshop in Wellington on 29 March, you can sign up here. We would really appreciate your help in inviting food businesses along too. Businesses can come for the whole day, or for a drop in session in the afternoon. We have a limited budget to cover travel costs, and businesses can get in touch with us about this.  

We'll also be travelling around the country to test new tools. Let us know if you'd like us to come and test these with you or with businesses in your area.

Businesses can also share their ideas with us online. Please share this Facebook post, and encourage businesses to tell us what tools they need to implement plan. 

If you have any ideas for what you think should be included in the toolkit, you can also let us know by email foodact2014@mpi.govt.nz


How many businesses will need to be verified?

As well as a map of verifiers, we have also created a map showing the estimated number of businesses that will be registered under the Food Act by the end of transition. It is intended to help verifiers assess demand for their services. The map shows number of businesses by council region and risk-based measure. 

The data is drawn from multiple sources, including estimates, so is indicative only.

Find the map here