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We have many clients with hazardous area processes, most commonly Class 1 / Division 1.  These facilities have explosive gas present under normal operating conditions.  Sound familiar?

When developing project objectives for new and upgraded control and information systems do you include a safety review?


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Five Easy Steps

To ensure that your hazardous system IS compliant, be sure that your Control and Information System Integrator includes these 5 steps in their evaluation:

  1. Define the complete area to be included in the “hazardous area” designation.
  2. Inspect and document the current system and its compliance with classified area codes.
  3. Commit to writing the proper functioning of the system.
  4. Identify all at-risk hardware including HMIs, PLCs, keyboards, monitors and electrical panels for I/O, PLCs and VFDs.  Select replacement hardware as needed with intrinsic safety capability.
  5. Design correct wiring plan, and supervise proper installation.


We provide our clients with a safe control system for their hazardous areas.  A safe system is one that protects your personnel because it meets current electrical safety standards and code.

Need a refresher in hazardous area compliance?  Call is for a complimentary 1 hour class, “Control Systems in Classified Areas”.