Dressing for Success

At one time or another, we have probably all heard some variation of the mantra, “Dress for Success.” To the majority of people, it refers to paying attention to one’s clothing, personal care, and general appearance in an effort to make a good first impression. At Everest, however, it takes on a much deeper meaning.

There are many unique things about an Everest education. After all, we are a private, Catholic school committed to forming students to be Christian Catholic leaders who are capable of utilizing their strengths to become the best version of themselves, so they can fulfill the unique plan that God has for each of them.

At the very heart of how we fulfill our mission is the process of Integral Formation® which is used in the High School and the Academy. In essence, Integral Formation is the method by which the faculty and staff at Everest apply the teachings of the Catholic Church to the everyday lives of its students with the intent of helping them form as the individuals God intends. It was created by the Legionaries of Christ in support of their mission to help others know Christ on a more personal level.

More specifically, Integral Formation is a comprehensive approach to education that maintains excellence in the complete formation of the whole person where no aspect of the human person is overlooked, and includes formation in four main dimensions of the person: intellectual, human, spiritual, and apostolic. The focus of the program is: To Teach-informing the mind, transmitting appropriate knowledge; To Educate-cultivating the heart to love authentic values and a sense of what is good, just, and beautiful; and To Form-forging the will, shaping character in virtue as a basis for integrity.

Because Integral Formation is an educational methodology that is all encompassing, it permeates and defines the culture of our school. Metaphorically speaking, Integral Formation could be viewed as both the fabric and the thread that helps to “clothe” our children. In other words, Everest students will be “Dressed for Success” internally and externally, by the time they graduate.

We, the faculty and staff at Everest, are truly blessed to play a role in their formation. Thank you for entrusting us with such an amazing responsibility.

In Gratitude,
Michael J. Nalepa
Executive Director








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