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Students Brief Military on Disruptive Technology for National Security

At the beginning of May, a group of Ph.D. students from across Georgia Tech, all part of the Sam Nunn Security Program (SNSP), travelled together to Tampa to brief United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) senior leadership on disruptive & game-changing technologies for national defense.

Continue reading about their briefing here

Rubin's Report Cited in The Times of Israel

Prof. Lawrence Rubin's The Brookings Institution 2014 report “The Islamic movement in Israel” was recently cited in a The Times of Israel article on the death of the Movement’s founder, Sheikh Abdullah Nimr Darwish.

Learn more about Prof. Rubin's research interests and recent publications here.

The Southeast Asia Study Abroad Program Kicked off Week 2 in Thailand

Week two of Dr. Katja Weber's 7-week Southeast Asia Study Abroad Program kicked off in Thailand, where students visited on of the magnificent temples in Ayutthaya, produced candy from sugar cane, stood on a bridge over the River Kwai and tested local transportation. Over the course of these 7 weeks, students will explore the nontraditional security challenges in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore.

While in Bangkok, the Southeast Asia Study Abroad Program visited the Asia Centre to discuss human rights issues in the region. Read the write-up here.

Learn more about this opportunity here

Ph.D. Alumnus Interviewed by CNN

Nunn School Ph.D. alumnus Tong Zhao was interviewed by CNN over North Korea’s Hwasong-12 missile launch and commented on the possible effects of this test. Read the article here.


Taylor and Schmid's New Publication in the Review of Policy Research

Dr. Mark Zachary Taylor and PhD Candidate Jon Schmid's article entitled “Innovation and Alliances” was published in the Review of Policy Research.

Learn more about Dr. Taylor’s research interests in science and technology policy, comparative democratic institutions, the presidency and the politics of economic growth here

Learn more about John Schmid’s research interests and recent publications here.

Soccer, Business, Politics, and Global Development in Argentina and Uruguay

14 Georgia Tech students join Dr. Alberto Fuentes and Dr. Kirk Bowman on a 7-week study abroad in Uruguay and Argentina to study development, economics, business, politics and soccer.

On May 18th, students enjoyed a day of economic, business, and political briefings at the US Embassy in Montevideo followed by a round of mate and conversation.

To learn more about this study abroad opportunity, click here.


Big CETS Presence at the European Union Studies Association Conference in Miami

The European Union Studies Association (EUSA) held its 15th biennial conference in Miami, 4-6 May 2017. Alasdair Young chaired the conference and Center for European and Transatlantic Studies was a sponsor. Vicki Birchfield, Scott Brown and Katja Weber all presented papers on their research. Alasdair Young participated in two plenary roundtables: one on the implications of Brexit for the EU and one on transatlantic relations under the Trump administration. The conference program and the papers can be accessed here.

Students Spend Their Summer in the EU

On May 15th, students arrived at the Georgia Tech Lorraine campus in Metz, France to join Dr. Vicki Birchfield on a 10-week EU study abroad. Students will be studying the history, institutions and current politics and policies of the EU, the role of the EU as a global actor and the diplomatic, economic and security dimensions of the EU-US relationship. They will have 3-day weekends and travel to The Hague, Brussels, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam. Upon completion of the program, they will gain a European Affairs Certificate.

Learn more about Dr. Birchfield's study abroad program here.

Alumna's Report Published by the United States Studies Centre

INTA BS/MS alumna Erum Milani's report titled, “Next Steps for the US-Australia-Japan Trilateral Defence Relationship” was published by the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney detailing the steps needed to deter North Korea and China’s influence in the region.

Rubin and Palkki Present Their Research at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency

On May 10th, Prof. Lawrence Rubin and Dr. David Palkki presented their research comparing Iraqi and Syrian chemical weapons use at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) headquarters located at Ft. Belvoir. Audiences around the world participated remotely. Later that day, Rubin and Palkki discussed their research with fellows from the Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction at the National Defense University, Ft. McNair.

This research project was funded by DTRA’s Project on Advanced Systems and Concepts For Countering WMD.

Petty and Kosal Cited by AT&T's Tech Developer Series

Georgia Tech Army War College Fellow, COL T. Chris Petty, and Nunn School Professor, Margaret E. Kosal, are both cited in "The complete and modern guide to technology convergence" published by AT&T as part of their Tech Developer series.

Young Participates in Virtual Briefing on Transatlantic Relations

On May 3 Alasdair Young, Nunn School Professor, Jean Monnet Chair, and Co-director of the Center for European and Transatlantic Studies participated in a Virtual Briefing on Transatlantic Relations after the First 100 Days. The Virtual Briefing was organized by the Jean Monnet European Union Centers of Excellence at the European Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh and Miami-Florida Jean Monnet European Union Center of Excellence at Florida International University, together with the European Union Studies Association. The other panelist were:

Kathleen McInnis, International Security Analyst, Congressional Research Service
Michael H. Smith, Professor in European Politics, University of Warwick

The discussion was moderated by Markus Thiel, Associate Professor and Director of the Jean Monnet EU Center of Excellence, Florida International University.

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