Volume 1, Issue 1

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Center Support Updates

CIBMTR Center Support will be Closed

CIBMTR Center Support will be closed Monday, January 20th in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  While we will be unavailable, you can still submit questions and request through the ServiceNow portal (http://nmdp.servicenow.com/csm). Thank you and we look forward to providing a smooth and seamless support experience for your Center.

CPI Updates

Donor CPI (Phase IV)

20 Donor Centers --- 100%
20 in Good Standing

67 Collection Centers ---- 100%
67 in Good Standing

84 Apheresis Centers --- 100%
84 in Good Standing

Recipient CPI

Congratulations to our Domestic Centers who completed another successful Recipient CPI trimester. We had 97% in Good Standing for trimester ending December 31, 2019! Thank you for all your hard work! Everyone should have received their CPI Memo outlining their status.

US Centers CPI Requirements
As a reminder, the CIBMTR Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) program monitors and tracks the submission of required data by network transplant centers for HCT and Cellular Therapy (CT) Infusions.  Reporting cell therapy infusions to CIBMTR remains voluntary at this time. However, IF you choose to report CT infusions, THEN form completion will be held to CPI.

On a trimester basis (January, May, and September), centers are reviewed and held accountable for meeting CPI standards for Allogeneic Related, Allogeneic Unrelated, Autologous, and Cellular Therapy (CT) infusions. To be compliant with CPI standards, there are three requirements:

  1. Having current IRB documents (renewal letters and consents) on file with NMDP
  2. Meeting the requirements of consecutive reporting of hematopoietic cell transplants (HCT) which includes centers submitting their complete list, registering CRIDs for any unregistered patients, resolving invalid CRIDs that do not exist in FormsNet3℠ (FN3), and resolving data discrepancies (i.e. mismatches) that were found between center-provided lists and FN3
  3. Form completion of at least 90% of the required forms for four product types at each of three time periods as well as CT forms (January 1 – April 30th, May 1 – August 31st, September 1 – December 31st), as applicable

                 ● Allogeneic Related form completion                                                       - All three time periods

                ● Allogeneic Unrelated form completion
                   - All three time periods

                ● Autologous form completion
                   - All three time periods

                ● Cellular Therapy form completion
                   - All three time periods

Further details can be found in the Data Management Guide.

US Centers CTA Update

Please look for the 2020 CTA memo outlining the CTA portion of CPI the week of January 20th, 2020.

US Centers IRB Update

CIBMTR will be implementing a change to the IRB process for management of centers’ Research Database protocol and informed consent forms. Details of this change will be communicated to all network centers in early February 2020. The communication at that time will highlight key process and staffing changes. As a reminder, having current IRB documents (renewal letters, protocols, and consents) on file with CIBMTR is part of CPI requirements. Your center’s current IRB expiration date can be found on your weekly CPI summary report.

International CPI

CIBMTR is pleased to announce the CPI program has now expanded to Non-U.S. centers.  Phase 1 includes a comprehensive implementation plan for pilot centers, with requirements beginning July 1, 2020. These pilot centers are located in Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. Phases 2 and 3 will be communicated in Spring 2020. We look forward to a forming a strong and successful partnership.

Forms Revision

The next forms undergoing revision will be the Sickle Cell Anemia Pre & Post- Infusion forms, in addition to the “Inherited Abnormalities of Erythrocyte Differentiation or Function” section on the Disease Classification F2402.

For more information about upcoming releases or to comment on current form revisions, please contact: cibmtr-form-feedback@NMDP.ORG.

For more information about the management of the CIBMTR Forms Instruction Manual or to comment on the current manual, please contact: CIBMTRFormsManualComments@nmdp.org

Clinical Research Professionals / Data Management Conference

Want to know what topics you will see at the CRP/DM Conference?

Click the links below:

TCT Meetings

Clinical Research Professionals / Data Mangement Conference

Behind the Scenes, Ahead of the Curve: Collaboration for the Future

Medical Directors, Department Leaders, Data Managers

Join CIBMTR Data Operations for an hour-long forum to discuss:
• CIBMTR Center Support user survey results
• How the CIBMTR’s Data Operations team collaborates with you
• Future collaboration efforts between you and the CIBMTR’s Data Operations team

Featuring panelists:
Mary M. Horowitz, MD, MS; Bronwen E. Shaw, MD, PhD;
Eileen Tuschl, DNP, RN, ACNS-BC, APNP; and Angela Hauck, BS

Click here to learn more.

Day 3 New Data Managers Onboarding

On Thursday February 20, 2020 we are offering New Data Managers Onboarding.  New Data Managers Onboarding is for individuals with 6 months or less experience at their center. The day includes interactive training in our FormsNet3 training environment along with topics that are pertinent to new data mangers. A charge of $175 will be added to your total registration fee. Also it is required to bring a laptop or tablet to use at the training sessions.

Please click on link for details on the New Data Managers Onboarding training.

Please register for this session at the following link:

Online Registration