Cultured Kitchen
Celebrate with Patak’s and honour new beginnings for
the upcoming Harvest Festival (also known as Vaisakhi).
Tell us which Patak’s product you want to mix into your
festive cooking and you could win a Patak’s prize pack.

Say hello to this take on a classic meatball sub. With the
perfect blend of Indian spices and flavours, you’ll be waving
goodbye to those old sub sandwiches and mixing in a little
India instead.

Feast on this year’s primary source of protein with
a nutritious Warm Lentil Salad recipe made with Patak’s
Tandoori Curry Paste. A healthy meal brought to you
by Cultured Kitchen ambassador, Our Family World.

Make it now
Nothing says spring like fresh spring rolls do.
Find out how to roll the perfect wrap with Blue Dragon’s
easy-to-follow video:

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