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Working with Individuals

Over the past few months I have been honored to provide individual art therapy and counseling sessions to clients at The Creative Arts Space.  Through art therapy people have created positive change in their lives, and begun the healing process. If you or someone you know is interested in art therapy or counseling services contact The Creative Arts Space, or Becky Jacobson -M.A. Art Therapy & Counseling- at (804)-482-1840 or becky@thecreativeartsspace.com

Saint Jude Give Thanks Walk

We at The Creative Arts Space supported families in creating artistic posters, honoring those they walked for.  The walk supports St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, hoping to change the way the world treats children with cancer.

Open House Party!

The open house at The Creative Arts Space gave us an opportunity to make art with the Richmond community, while sharing information about the center and art therapy.

The following video was filmed at the open house.  It was filmed and edited by Derek Fowler and the music is by Richard Schellenberg.


Art Therapy & Stress Management

At Ellwood Thompson's Community Room a group gathered to learn about art therapy, self-care, and visual journaling.  We created journals and shared information throughout the workshop.  It was a great success!

Presenting at the Expressive Therapies Summit

It was a true privilege presenting this year at the Summit on the arts and art therapy in South Africa.  To learn more about the amazing community, I have bee so fortunate to work with, view the video below. http://vimeo.com/78590809#at=0

Collaborative Art-Making Groups

Collaborative art making is a great way to connect to others and learn new ways of expressing one's self. Participants in these groups were given the opportunity to tap into their own creativity, resolve personal blocks, and connect to others in a safe environment. If you are interested in getting involved in RVA therapeutic art groups contact Becky Jacobson -M.A. Art Therapy & Counseling- at (804)-482-1840 or becky@thecreativeartsspace.com