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Senior Club Championships 2014

Club Championships this year will be conducted on 3 consecutive weekends.

The 30th /31st August, 6th/7th September and 13th/14th September.

Any person who is a current member of East Malvern Tennis Club is eligible to enter.

There will ONLY be singles events this year.

Competitors in the Open singles events are NOT required to play both Saturday and Sunday in the one weekend unless they wish to. Matches will be scheduled on Saturdays unless you or your opponent is playing a final on Saturday. Competitors in the Open singles events MAY be required to play on Sundays IF the match has not been completed on Saturday due to rain.

All events will be round robin except for Open Events.
All events will be completed on the ONE day weather permitting EXCEPT for Open events.

If you wish to play, email me at before Friday 22nd August.

GRADES            Open,  A, B & C combined and Veterans

 (Events attracting less than 8 entries may be combined or cancelled)

FORMAT            Open events will be best of 3 sets – tiebreaker at 6 all in all 3 sets.

Grade events will be run as a Round Robin, each set consisting of 6 or 8 games, depending on numbers of entries.  Veterans entrants must be 45 years of age or over on the 06/09/14. The Mens Veteran singles will be played on Saturday 6th September (OR 7th September IF entrants are playing a final on the 6th)

DATES                30th /31st August, 6th/7th September and 13th/14th September.

ENTRY FEES       NO entry fees this year


Alan Young