August was a big month for Team Framer! We released an integration with Figma and shipped a website redesign for a cleaner, lighter and more functional experience.

In other news: first-timer Wojciech Zieliński impresses us with his Task List interactions, while Brian Bailey explains speech recognition prototypes. Also featured is a sweet spring curve visualizer, back-to-basics with Øyvind Nordbø and a peek at Sergey Vorovov’s Framer Club.

Google Now by Brian Bailey

Speech Recognition

Want your next prototype to talk back like Siri? Nest designer Brian Bailey walks us through the basics of building speech-based conversational UIs like Asynchronous Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech. In a Medium post he explains:

“The Web Speech API provides web apps the ability to recognize voices, transform the audio input into strings, and control the synthesis voices available on the device.”

If you’re interested in building the next Amazon Alexa, this article is a good place to learn how to access your device’s audio input and voice synthesizer.

Tasklist Interaction by Wojciech Zieliński

Tasklist App

This functional and well-designed Task List interaction caught our eye on Dribbble, but we were impressed to learn that this is Wojciech Zieliński’s first foray into prototyping with Framer. He shares how he accelerated his learning curve:

“I was looking for a tool that had no limitations when it came to making interactive prototypes. My concern was that without programming skills it would be hard to create what I really wanted. Surprisingly, Framer was super intuitive.

The most important thing for me was the documentation. It is the greatest docs I’ve ever used. Beautifully organized, with practical examples. Whenever I have a problem with Framer I go back there to find a solution. It never disappoints.”


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