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APPLICATIONS for Junior & Senior Summer 2018-19 Comp CLOSE THIS WEDNESDAY (8th August)

A friendly reminder that applications for Junior and Senior Summer Competition close THIS Wednesday.

If you haven't already done so, please complete the application form and return via email below or drop it in to the office no later than Wednesday, 8th August 2018:

Seniors to

Juniors to

Copies of both Application forms are also available in the Clubhouse (on the whiteboard next to the office door).

EMTC Competitions Update

We bring to you another look at how our teams across weekend, night and midweek ladies competitions are travelling. We continue to have a significantly high participation in all levels of competition tennis.

Finals start this weekend for Pennant teams, and with the scores still to be ratified for the last round positions are:

Pennant Sat Women’s Grade 3 Sec 2; sit inside the top four in fourth place
Pennant Sat Women’s Grade 5 Sec 1; are in sixth spot
Pennant Sat Women’s Grade 5 Sec 2; have had some great wins and sit in comfortably in the top four with finals next week

Pennant Sat PM Doubles Grade 1; are playing a great season and are in second place with a significant lead over the bottom four teams
Pennant Sat Men’s Grade 5 Sec 2; sit in seventh place, with less than three points between them and fifth, position
Pennant Sat Men’s Grade 8 Sec 2; are not far behind fifth place on the ladder

Pennant Sun Men’s Grade 5 Sec 6; are on top of their ladder with more than 20 points separating them from second position
Pennant Sun PM Grade 4 Sec 5; have climbed the ladder in recent weeks and currently sit just outside the top four in fifth

BaysideRTA still have one more round to go until Finals.

Bayside Sec 3 (EM1); currently sit in sixth place
Bayside Sec 3 (EM2); have had a hard fought season and are sitting outside their top four 

Eastern Region Tennis S/D 2; are in fifth place with less than three points keeping them from the top four.  They still have three more rounds before the top two fight it our for the Premiership.

We only have two rounds to be played in Junior Winter Competition before finals begin. It has been another great season for our four Saturday teams and eight Sunday teams. We have five Junior teams currently sitting in the top four, and many other teams just outside with many opportunities still before the season’s end.

This season has had no shortage of near-freezing mornings and all junior players who braved the early starts deserve acclaim. Each player has shown great improvement over the season and all EMTC teams have displayed praiseworthy efforts across every game. Good luck to all teams for the next two weeks and to those teams who will compete in finals.

2018 Spring season started two weeks ago for BDNTA (14 EMTC teams) and last week for WDTA (10 EMTC teams).

Unfortunately, the first games for several teams were washouts, so our players are keen for a rain free week!

Good luck to all our Night comp players this Spring season.

Midweek ladies MEMRLTA have three rounds left until finals and WDTA and EDWTA teams are only three and two rounds, respectively, into the second season of the year.  Our teams are already seeing some great success.

MEMRLTA Sec 4; currently sit in seventh just tailing sixth spot
MEMRLTA Sec 6; have had eleven wins from fifteen rounds and are atop the ladder

WDTA Thursday Sec 4; are undefeated thus far and sit comfortably in first place

EDWTA Wednesday Sec 2; are first on the ladder after playing three solid matches
EDWTA Wednesday Sec 3; currently sit in sixth in these early stages of the season