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Welcome to Mike's Mumbles Snippet No: 25

The Eildon Structure Plan

This topic might be a little dry for some, however it is an important Plan for the future of this area and using Mike's Mumbles I would like to make you aware of it and to share my thoughts on it.

Murrindindi Shire Council is preparing a Structure Plan for Eildon and environs The overall aim of the project is to prepare a Structure Plan to articulate a long term land use vision and strategic framework for this area.

The Structure Plan study area comprises the existing Eildon Township & environs, Eildon Boat Harbour, Eildon Boat Club, Taylor Bay, Jerusalem Creek area and Snobs Creek area.

Even though the ESP only considers these areas it can have a significant positive impact on Alexandra & Thornton.

One of my passions to ensure this plan achieves its objectives is to ensure we have enough families living here to ensure a sustainable thriving future for the Thornton-Eildon Football Netball Club. 

Another is to see a change in the current situation when you see many empty shops in our main streets and the numbers in our schools continues to decrease.

Our future doesn't look great currently. We cannot continue to do the same things we have always done and expect a different result. A wise man said this is a sign of madness.

Without jobs how do you attract families to live here?

I strongly believe we can have a great future with thriving, vibrant communities in this very special place.

The ESP Project Brief Objectives include:-

* Guide future use & development of land & servicing of Eildon township & environs.

* Enhance the Eildon area as a Premier year round Residential & Tourism destination.

* Facilitate new Tourism Economic Development in the area.

* Enhance synergies & linkages between Lake Eildon and the township.

* Outline opportunities & priorities for public & private investment in the area.

If you would like to read the Draft Eildon Structure Plan presented to the Murrindindi ShireCouncil by the Consultants please click on this LINK:-


In reading the Draft  Eildon Structure Plan and considering the Project Brief Objectives, my opinion is the Draft ESP is a complete disappointment.

It lead me to provide a Submission to this Draft ESP.

If you would like to read the Submission please click on this LINK:-


Submissions closed on the 30th March 2016.

The Executive of the Lake Eildon Houseboat Industry Association reviewed the Submission and supported the comments regarding the Houseboat Industry and the Boat Storage Sheds and submitted those comments to the Murrindindi Shire Council.

Murrindindi Shire Council is now reviewing all the submissions made to the Draft Eildon Structure Plan.

It will be most interesting to see the next stage of this important process.

This Saturday is the first round of the local Football/Netball League and we start with the Local Derby where Alexandra play host to Thornton-Eildon.

This is a great day where our communities (all ages) come together with a great spirit of rivalry and friendship; a great Celebration of Community.

When Thornton-Eildon went into recession for three years it had a dramatic effect on our communities.

It is important that Alexandra & Thornton-Eildon Clubs thrive and continue to deliver for our Communities in so many ways for many decades to come.

Getting the Eildon Structure Plan right is fundamental to seeing this VISION become a reality.


Enjoy the Magic.

Love Lake Eildon

Keep safe & respect the Water



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The Magic of Lake Eildon

The Magic of Lake Eildon