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Welcome Mike's Mumbles Snippet No: 22

"Lake Eildon

Victoria's Favourite Inland Waterway".

Congratulations to GMW staff and their partners in Murrindindi & Mansfield Shire Councils for producing a great positive video on Lake Eildon.

"Lake Eildon Victoria's Favourite Inland Waterway"


Please click on and enjoy.

It is frustrating when people speek negatively about the Lake.

This video certainly shows there is plenty of water to enjoy; there is plenty of water to play on; in February still 3 times larger than Sydney Harbour; & Lake Eildon is Open for Business.

Currently the Lake is at 42.4% and only dropping by 0.71 of a percent per week. 

4 weeks to the Labour Day Long Weekend and if we continue at this rate of demand for the water by the farmers, then 39.6% or close to 40% for the Long Weekend.

Then 2 weeks later the Easter Break guess 38%.

This is slightly higher than my guess from a couple of weeks back.

The message though is there will still be plenty of water for the Long Weekend & Easter (over 2 Sydney Harbours) on Victoria's Favourite Inland Waterway.

Please share the link to the video.


Enjoy the Magic.

Love Lake Eildon

Keep safe & respect the Water



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Remember, you can always check out the Lake on the Web Cam http://lakeeildon.com/

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Lake Eildon Victoria's Favourite Inland Waterway 


Lake Eildon Victoria's Favourite Inland Waterway