January 2016
Super Glue Corporation News: January 2016

Creating a New Year’s ‘Wishing Wand’

As people all over the world ring in the new year, they reflect upon the passing of time, yet celebrate the prospect of upcoming changes and fresh possibilities. Family and friends join in the festivities with confetti in hand and resolutions in mind. A great way to also involve little youngsters in the season’s merrymaking is by helping them create something fun and cute like this Wishing Wand craft. [Read The Full Article Here]

How to Repair the Weatherstripping on Your Car

Wintertime’s cold air, chilly rains and falling snow certainly all know how to make an entrance. Some people adore this type of weather and welcome it with open arms, while others would simply prefer to avoid it at all costs. In any case, one thing we can all safely agree upon, is that the blustery elements of winter belong outside of our cars and not in them.

[Read The Full Article Here]

Your Best Super Glue Sports Fixes

Sports and various athletic activities play an integral part in the lives of millions of people. Not only can they provide benefits when it comes to aspects of health, but they also have the capacity to offer an enormous amount of fun. However, let’s be honest, what’s not so fun is when these activities leave your gear in need of repair or a quick fix. Such circumstances are all a part of life, but thankfully sticky situations are what Super Glue Brand Products do best. [Read The Full Article Here]

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