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New Contract between EMTC and Futures Tennis Academy

Hi Everyone,

It is with great pleasure that I, and the Committee, announce the signing of the new contract between East Malvern Tennis Club (EMTC) and Futures Tennis Academy (Futures). This has come from extensive discussions amongst the Committee, and negotiations with Wes Horskins. The renewed contract will strengthen the relationship between our Club and Futures as we work together to benefit the future of the Club and community.

What it means for the Club, is the continuation of service and revenue from one of Australia’s leading Coaching groups (see below)*. It means more involvement with internal and external competitions. We intend to have coach lead, organised competition, for Ladies on a Monday during the day. This will be a pathway towards “Mid Week” competitions. We also intend to have a coach lead, internal competition on a Thursday night, for everyone. This is for those who want more challenge, without having to travel to other venues. Futures will also be part of meeting, assessing and greeting new members. This will put our best foot forward with our new members.

Every club needs a constant flow of new members to stay healthy and profitable. We lose between 10 - 15% of our membership every year, which happens at most clubs. For those of you who are new to our club, Wes and Futures have been an integral part of EMTC for the past 27 years. Over that time, Futures has brought the majority of new members to us. Research conducted last year, showed that 87%  (117 of 135) of new members, from the Open Day activities, came via Futures. Without going into endless analysis, this has meant an enormous contribution to our Club financially.

EMTC is the envy of many other Clubs. We have terrific members and great activities. We know how important Competitions and Social Tennis are to retaining our members. We also know that our juniors are the future of our club. They, more often than not, end up joining with their families.  We give these groups priority, not because we think less of casual members. We do it, to sustain our Club into the future. This is why I am so pleased to announce the new contract with Wes and Futures Tennis Academy.

Best Wishes
Ralph Muir-Morris
President EMTC

* In 2010 Wes Horskins won the T.C.A.V. Club Coach of the Year award, in 2011 at the Australian Tennis Awards Futures Tennis won the category of “Coaching Excellence – Hot Shots” as best academy in Australia for 12 and under coaching and in 2012 they won at the Victorian Tennis Awards the same category again. In December 2012 Futures Tennis won at the Australian Tennis Awards best academy in Australia for Club Coach Excellence.

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