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Welcome to July's MyFinancecentre Newsletter

This month we will be covering;

  • Have you seen the new budget planner? - MFC enhancements easing the strain of MMR

  • We're Listening- It's your turn to do the talking

  • The MyFinancecentre Challenge- Competition winners

Easing the strain of MMR

MMR is putting more pressure on your clients to ensure that their data is factual, complete and readily available.

MyFinancecentre can help you in collaborating with your clients to ensure that you can make the process as painless as possible. Following our latest update this week, MyFinancecentre has launched an enhanced Budget Planner that can be used as part of your client's mortgage applications.  To save them time entering their financial commitments, such as savings, investments, mortgages and insurance policies, these expenditures will be automatically entered into the budget planner directly from the MyFinancecentre portfolio.  By keeping your client's 360 portfolio up to date, the more complete the budget planner will be.

MyFinancecentre also allows your clients to seamlessly export, and share, their budget planner with you in either PDF or Excel format.  This, alongside the Document Repository, which will allow you and your clients to share vital documents meaning that you will be better prepared to act on your clients behalf. 

This data sharing doesn't mean that we have cut down on security, MyFinancecentre uses the same level of encryption used by banks and is powered by the Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud.

We're Listening...

Just because MyFinancecentre is one step ahead of the rest, it doesn't mean we are complacent, in fact we are always happy listening to the opinions and suggestions of Advisers and Clients. Your feedback is important to us and helps us to keep you one step ahead.

From the valuable feedback received so far, we've enhanced...

  • The protection comparison now shows the level of cover required, calculating ratios based upon the information entered into the portfolio.
  • When a client sends a message from MyFinancecentre you can now reply directly to the clients own email address.
  • If requested, we can add your company name rather than the firm name to your invites and other correspondence.
  • A welcome message is created when your client first logs in.
  • The wealth projector is now calculates the net worth up to and past retirement.

Winners of the MFC Challenge

As announced in May's Newsletter, we are giving away two prizes of £100 Gift vouchers for a retail outlet of your choice.

It looks as though everyone has been busy!  We have pulled together the reports and while it was a very close thing, we have some definitive winners....

In first place with 52 invites sent and an acceptance rate of 57% is Chris Tydeman of Lifetime Financial Management. Following close behind is Steven Wiseman of Safeguard Financial Services, Steven has sent 43 Invites with an acceptance rate of 58%.

Congratulations to Chris and Steven! A £100.00 Gift voucher is winging its way out to you both and that you are receiving great opportunities from your clients using MyFinancecentre.

If you haven't won, don't be disheartened, the MFC Challenge is back on and we will be announcing the most active adviser in your next MyFinancecentre newsletter.  So get sending those invites to be in with a chance of winning!

If for any reason you do not wish to be entered, please do let us know by emailing here.

Contact us

We hope that you found our newsletter useful! If you do have any queries or would like more information on something mentioned above please get in touch with us on; 0845 6592 360

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