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JUNIOR COMPETITION: 2015 Winter Application 2015

Please see the link below for an invitation for all EMTC junior members to apply for a team in the upcoming 2015 Winter Season. This year’s winter season will start on the 2nd May 2015 and conclude in August 2015.

Should your son/daughter be interested in applying for a team, please send the completed application form to, drop into the club office, or post to the address on the form. Please assist with this process by returning your application form no later than 19th February 2015.

Please contact Ian Fuelscher, our Junior Coordinator, at should you have any questions.

MIDWEEK LADIES COMPETITION: 2015 Winter Application Forms

Midweek Ladies are always looking to increase their numbers by adding more teams, join existing teams or be emergency players for teams.

If you are interested, please complete the attached form and return it by 19th February 2015.