Gaia Channeling and New Year Gong Meditation 1.1.16
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Channeling from Mother Gaia for 2016 through Alphedia


Dear All, Happy New Year and Many Blessings for 2016! Here is a message from Mother Gaia for you to listen to recorded on 1.1.16 about the year ahead through Alphedia Arara of Elemental Beings. Much Love Auraengus and Alphedia XX


Divine Love codes New Year Gong Meditation 1.1.16


To do the Meditation

Choose which quality of recording suits your system, for most it will be the .mp3, high end users will benefit from the higher quality .WAV recording.

Turn off wifi and phones. Darken the room completely, lying comfortably and warm, surround yourself with Ascension Spheres if you have a set, or any crystal layout you desire. Use good quality speakers or headphones - make sure you are not going to be disturbed.  A dedicated DAC works wonders for improved sound, out of the computer, contact me if you wish for advice.

Centre yourself, relax, and close your eyes. Invoke those who you would wish to be with you on this meditation and state your intent for the experience. Stay lying as long as you wish after the last sound has died away. This silent period is when most of the insight and healing takes place, enjoy and don't rush it. Treat yourself kindly afterwards - this can be profound, drink plenty of water, (add a pinch of sea salt) as you may detox. Listen as many times as feels appropriate.