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While the media seems to romanticize anti-aging and Hollywood seems to overdo it, we - the health-minded people of Thornhill - focus on embracing age and the inherent benefits that come with it. We do want to feel our best...just not at the expense of looking
So where is that line?

We live in a day and age where scientific advancements have provided many anti-aging options and opportunities for reversing and correcting skin damage; plus, we are living longer than ever before. It stands to reason that we want to look AND FEEL our best for longer.

When considering a cosmetic
treatment, consider these
three golden rules:

1. See a specialist. Most providers today
make identical claims. Only dermatologists
are trained in the nuances that affect and
contribute to skin health and beauty.

2. Ask for before & after photos. Our
dermatologists are known for providing
natural, subtle outcomes.

3. Follow up. Your provider will suggest
a timeframe for follow up and re-treatment that
will maximize your results and
satisfaction long-term.

For more information on our cosmetic treatments,
call (905) 695-2020 or email us today.

Call (905) 695-2020
or email us

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Call (905) 695-2020
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