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Townsend Bombing Range Fourth Recipient of Funding in 2016 REPI Challenge Cycle

Townsend Bombing Range (GA) will receive the fourth award in the 2016 REPI Challenge cycle.

An award totaling $2 million in REPI Program funds will be leveraged with $9.5 million in other DoD funding and $23.5 million in partner funding to protect 19,577 acres under low-altitude training airspace in the lower Altamaha River Corridor. This transaction will effectively achieve the installation’s encroachment protection goals.

This project demonstrates extraordinary stakeholder collaboration and will not only help protect a key military mission, but also will help preserve and manage important natural resources, support working lands, and open up recreational opportunities for local communities.

Since the REPI Challenge was initiated five years ago, $28 million in REPI Program funds have been leveraged with over $107 million in partner funding to protect over 92,000 acres around 10 installations.

For more information about the 2016 REPI Challenge awards, including the Townsend Bombing Range project, please download the 2016 REPI Challenge fact sheet. To find information about past REPI Challenge awards, please visit www.REPI.mil.