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Oceanside News and Events
Find the latest news from the Oceanside Division and complementary organizations in this issue of News and Events.


  1. Virtual Care Session #3 led by Dr. Mark Morris
  2. Palliative Care Network Meeting
  3. PMH, Shared Care, Maternity Care, First Nations Engagement
  4. Primary Care Network - Oceanside
  5. New One-time Payment Supports Family Doctors to Deliver New ‘Care Bundle’ For High Risk Patients
  6. Pathways Webinar March 4
  7. Guideline for referral of patients at risk of anaphylaxis from COVID-19 vaccination
  8. Family Practitioner Pathways Questionnaire
  9. Notice of New First in First Available Surgery (FIFAS) Program
  10. 20th Annual BC Endocrine Day Virtual Event May 7th 2021
  11. Upcoming TI Events February and March
  12. Update from IMPACT Parkinson's
  13. Free online chronic pain professional education for primary care providers
  14. UVic - Self-Management BC Programs
  15. Oceanside Hospice Society
  16. Divisions in the News

Virtual Care Session #3 led by Dr. Mark Morris

Please click here to Register for Session 3. Zoom details will follow upon registration.

So what does virtual care look like in your practice, really? What worries you? What is not working well? Patient consent, online booking, remote work, billing?

Central Island Division of Family Practice, in collaboration with Doctors Technology Office and Practice Support Program, is inviting physicians and clinic office staff to the online open discussion about the current state of virtual care.
Everyone is invited and those members who choose to move forward, will qualify for sessional funding. More details will be provided during the session.
Come and share your experience - both good and bad – and find out what steps to take to implement virtual care (really).

Session 1 - Engaging with Virtual Care
Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021 - Complete

Session 2 - Preparing for Virtual Care
Preparing the Clinic for Video Visits
Wednesday, Feb.3,2021 - Complete

Session 3 - Conducting Virtual Care
Conducting Video Visits and Working Remotely Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Register

*Although all three sessions are designed to cover the entire process, you can choose to participate in any selected sessions based on your needs.

Palliative Care Network Meeting

The palliative care network will be meeting via Zoom on Tuesday, February 23rd at 6:00pm.  Agenda items include:

  • MAiD and the integrated approach with Palliative Care by Dr. Wendy Johnsen
  • a presentation by the Oceanside Primary Care Network Priority Response Team; and
  • a discussion on at-home palliative supports & resources.

Please contact Sharon Todd  or call at 250-937-0611 if you wish to attend.  All members are welcome if the topics are of interest to you.  Network meetings are reimbursed to attendees by sessional payment.

PMH, Shared Care, Maternity Care, First Nations Engagement

Virtual Care Sessions

Three virtual sessions on implementing virtual care into clinics via DTO (Doctors Technology Office) PSP and PMH innovation funds began in January. Email invite has been sent out for Session #3 on February 24.
Please contact Jill Skuse to register.
Meeting details will be sent closer to the date.

Nurse in Practice

Murray Coughtrey has been working with Dr. Biglow and Dr. El Karsh in this role and is available to any other clinics who might be interested in this model. If anyone would like further information, please contact Tina Biello.

Shared Care, Psychiatry

Follow up with psychiatry shared care: Tina Biello has connected with interested GPs and clinics with a schedule for sessions with Dr. Saffy. These sessions started last week of January and are going well. Dr. Saffy’s schedule is full now. However, if anyone is interested in Oceanside who hasn’t been scheduled, please contact Tina Biello.

Maternity Care

Funding via GPSC for a Maternity network in Port Alberni has been approved. This work has started with First Nations in Port Alberni and peri natal psychiatry meetings. We will be looking at an inservice for all providers to come together to talk about maternity care.

First Nations

Engagement sessions are being scheduled with Nuu-chah-nulth elders and our community of doctors and NPs in Port Alberni. We will be starting these sessions in March via Zoom.
Please stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks. Funding for this will be from RCCBC.

Nuu-chah-nulth tribal council (NTC) nursing department have developed a referral form process for those GPs in Port Alberni who might have NTC patients that need follow up from their nursing staff. For more information, contact Tina Biello.

Primary Care Network - Oceanside

The PCN Steering Committee and the Division staff continue the work of operationalizing the PCN Service Plan and are excited to share this month’s updates.

Primary Care Clinical Pharmacist (PCCP) coming to Oceanside.

We are excited to share that our PCN clinical pharmacist has been hired and will be working in the Oceanside community starting in early May. Using their specialized knowledge and working as part of a clinic’s care team, the clinical pharmacist will allocate dedicated time and capacity to help PCN clinics provide focussed support for complex patients. The PCN team has been meeting with interested clincics and providers to plan the integration of this new support into their practises in support of strong team based care.  If you have any questions or wish to know more about the clinical pharmacist role, please contact us at:

Update on the Priority Response Team

The priority response team is taking referrals for patients in need of urgent assistance (within 24 hours). These patients are typically complex, with low mobility, and in need of actute help that may let them avoid having to go to an emergency department. For a reminder on the goals of the PRT and please see this presentation by Dr Drew Digney (click here for slides)

Physicians and NPs can access the PRT by submitting the Island Health Community Health Services and Geriatric Specialty Services referral form (to the fax number on the referral form). Other community members (family, paramedics, care homes etc) can access the PRT by phoning Island Health’s Central Intake at: 250-739-5749

The current team of 2 RNs and 2OTs will be completed soon with the addition of a 1.5 FTE GP. The posting for this role was just announced.  Please click here or follow the link for more information:

Primary Care Link Registerd Nurses

As we continue to implement the roles outlined in the Oceanisde service plan we are moving to hire and place nurses that will work with providers as part of their care teams to increase capacity and deliver high quality team based care. As a reminder of how this role can help your practice, and how it will be launched – please see the slided presented by Dr Mark Morris at a previous PCN engagement session (click here for slides)

This PCN role is being implemented in the coming months and we need to understand how you see this position having an impact in improving your ability to serve your patients.

Please take a few minutes to complete the following simple 6 question survey so that we can further define how best this should be implemented, supported, and assess the scope of its potential benefit to Oceanside patients.

Click here to complere the survey

New One-time Payment Supports Family Doctors to Deliver New ‘Care Bundle’ For High Risk Patients

A new GPSC one-time payment with a minimum of $1000 will support eligible family doctors who manage high-risk patients during the current COVID-19 and influenza season. The GPSC is providing a total of $6 million for the payments, using unallocated funding from 2020, to recognize and support family physicians who are taking on the additional work of identifying and treating patients with care needs noted in the Ministry of Health’s BC Care Bundle for Supporting High Risk Patients Through COVID-19 Pandemic and Influenza Season.

Most eligible family doctors will each receive a one-time payment between $1000 and $1500. The exact amount is based on the number and complexity of Majority Source of Care (MSOC) patients associated with the physician in the Medical Services Plan (MSP) database. In early February 2021, the GPSC will email information to eligible family doctors about registering for the payment.
Detailed information on eligibility and how doctors will receive the payment is available on the GPSC website: (click link) New one-time payment will support family doctors to deliver new ‘care bundle’ for high risk patients.

To assist physicians in rapidly applying the Care Bundle guidance, Pathways now includes an easy-to-use algorithm with embedded links. To find the point of care algorithm, login to and select the specialty of COVID-19 from the blue “Select specialty” tab, or search the word bundle in the search bar. If you do not have Pathways access, send a message to
The BC Care Bundle offers guidance for doctors and other care providers who provide comprehensive longitudinal care to high-risk patients during the COVID-19 pandemic and influenza season. The recommendations were developed with input from BC family practice leads and specialists. They include encouraging immunization uptake, creating care plans for intercurrent illness with underlying chronic disease, and optimizing chronic disease management through a review of medications and discussions with patients on their emotional well-being, diet, and exercise. The guidance also has a list of resources for more information.
The GPSC will hold a webinar for family physicians in February to review the BC Care Bundle and discuss integrating it into practice using the Pathways online resource. Once the webinar date is confirmed, it will be shared in Divisions Dispatch and posted on the GPSC website.

Pathways Webinar March 4

We are pleased to offer a NEW Pathways webinar for physicians and their teams on March 4 from 6:30 - 8:00 PM. We will review Pathways tools to help streamline workflow, including the topic areas of gastroenterology and mental health.

Feedback from our last webinar: "The Pathways presentation was amazing! I never realized how powerful the platform is, with a huge collection of patient resources and community resources. The email to patients function is so helpful! This changed my practice."

Register for the March 4 webinar by clicking here or using the following link:

Guideline for referral of patients at risk of anaphylaxis from COVID-19 vaccination

Immunology Phone Advice or Consult Referral for COVID-19 Vaccine Contraindications
Dr. Scott Cameron (65821)
Dr. Victoria Cook (62305)

Guideline for referral of patients at risk of anaphylaxis from COVID-19 vaccination

There is now a centralized referral process for patients that you feel are at risk of anaphylaxis from a COVID-19 vaccination. We (Dr. Scott Cameron and Dr. Victoria Cook) will be receiving all consult requests for this issue on Vancouver Island. We want to manage these consult requests as quickly and efficiently as possible, to avoid unnecessary delays in COVID-19 vaccination. We feel these consults will be most efficiently managed by phone between MD-MD or between MD-nurse practitioner.

These consults will not be standard in-person appointments, unless we determine that is necessary during the phone call referral. 

Please click here for the referral form.

At this point, the only contraindications to receiving the currently licensed COVID-19 Vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) is a history of an anaphylactic reaction to a component of the vaccine (or anaphylaxis to the first dose of one of these COVID-19 vaccines).
Patients with a history of an immediate allergic reaction to polyethylene glycol (PEG) should be referred to us for further evaluation. This component is also present in bowel preparations such as PEG3350/Lax-a-day/Restorolax/Go-lytely, eye drops, and as an excipient in some injectable medications.

It is important to note that reactions to insect venom, food, environmental triggers, cosmetics, and medications (other than a known allergy to polyethylene glycol/PEG) are not a contraindication to receiving the Pfizer or Moderna COVID- 19 vaccines.

These patients should be reassured that their risk of having a reaction to the vaccine is the same as that for the general population. They do not require consultation with an allergist/immunologist prior to receiving the vaccine. We are happy to accommodate a review via phone to support you and provide you with sufficient information so that you can address your patient's concerns.

We hope this process eliminates lengthy wait times for concerned patients and eliminates an unnecessary delay in COVID-19 vaccinations.

The BCCDC provides an excellent FAQ for health care providers about COVID-19 vaccination that is regularly updated and available by clicking here 

Please click here for the referral form.

Dr. Scott Cameron & Dr. Victoria E. Cook

Family Practitioner Pathways Questionnaire

Pathways would like to give all Central Island Family Practitioners and MOAs a chance to access and/or add their profile to Pathways
All questionnaires/forms should be returned to:

Click here for the Pathways Listing Specialty Questionnaire

If you have any special areas of interest that you are accepting referrals for such as IUD, joint injections or OBs, please complete the  Areas of Practice questionnaire.

All questionnaires/forms should be returned to:

Notice of New First in First Available Surgery (FIFAS) Program

In collaboration with Comox Valley Hospital of Island Health, Comox Valley General Surgery is pleased to announce the launch of a pooled First In First Available Surgery (FIFAS) program on February 01, 2021.
This system is specific to hernia and cholecystectomy surgeries.
This program will also pool referrals to a central intake. Pooling referrals increases patient choice and improves access to care by offering your patients the option of being seen by either the “First Available” specialist or a particular surgeon in our group.
Effective February 01, 2021, please use the mandatory, “Comox Valley First In First Available Surgeon Program” referral form for all referral intake, including referrals to a specific surgeon.

Please click here for the Comox Valley First In First Available Surgery Program form.

This form will help confirm the urgency of the appointment and lets you know what documentation should accompany the referral. This form is all that is required for referral intake.

Documentation for a specific surgeon office other than referral intake (CT, MRI, results, etc.) should be Faxed to one of our existing office fax numbers. 

The form will be available for download in the coming weeks on the Pathways website at

For your convenience, our referral intake form is also being implemented on the following EMR platforms: 

  • MedAccess(Telus)
  • WOLF(Telus)
  • Oscar(Telus)
  • Profile(Intrahealth); and
  • Accuro(QHR Technology).

As the forms become available, your EMR vendor will either install our form automatically or provide you with installation instructions.

Effective February 1st 2021, please fax all new referrals for hernia and cholecystectomy patients to Comox Valley Hospital FIFAS central intake: 1-250-331-5918. 
Emergency referrals should continue to be directed to the surgeon on call via telephone.

We are confident that these changes will improve access to specialist care for the patients we serve and thank you for partnering with us to implement these changes.

Comox Valley General Surgery

20th Annual BC Endocrine Day Virtual Event May 7th 2021

The Endocrine Research Society is pleased to present an interactive case-based review of common endocrine problems encountered in clinical office practice.

Join us for a full day series on selected endocrine topics open to general practitioners, internists, specialists, trainees, and allied health professionals. Presented by expert physicians, this course will review a variety of endocrine health topics such as thyroid, pituitary, diabetes, gonads, bones, lipids, pediatric endocrinology, and other endocrine disorders.

Click here to Register now as space is limited.
Or register using the following link:

For further information, please contact Ashini Dissanayake at the Endocrine Research Society
Phone: 604-689-1055).

Upcoming TI Events February and March

The Therapeutics Initiative would like to make you aware of some upcoming webinar events, including:

[Feb 24] TI Methods Speaker Series: Should research in predatory journals be included in systemic reviews?

[Mar 10] Therapeutics Initiative Virtual Workshop - Using Evidence in Shared Decision Making: A Case-based, Critical Appraisal Approach for Busy Clinicians

[Mar 17] Therapeutics Initiative Best Evidence Webinar: Withdrawal of antihypertensive drugs in older people

Please click on any of the links above to get more details and to register.

Update from IMPACT Parkinson's

IMPACT Parkinson's has moved a few programs on-line. This means reaching more people living with Parkinson's in BC, especially those that live in rural areas who don't have access to Parkinson specific programs.
For more details click here or use the following link:

Current offerings are:
Parkinson's Virtual Falls Prevention Workshop on Friday, Feb 26, 2021 from 10am - Noon.
Let’s Talk LOUD monthly virtual group voice therapy sessions with a Speech Language Pathologist.
Yoga for Parkinson's Video. 
Contact: or call 604-525-2631.

Free online chronic pain professional education for primary care providers

Pain BC has launched an online, self-paced pain science and chronic pain management course for primary care providers such as physicians and nurse practitioners. Pain Foundations for Primary Care Providers provides online professional education on best-practice approaches to chronic pain management, as well as a strong grounding in pain science to support further exploration.
The course was written in consultation with leading clinical experts and people with lived experience of pain, and is designed to be clinically relevant and practical. The course introduces learners to the lived experience of people with chronic pain, pain physiology, assessment strategies, biopsychosocial pain management, supported self-management and safe prescribing of opioids for chronic pain. The self-paced course takes 12-15 hours to complete is accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 15 MainPro+ credits.
Pain Foundations is free to access for BC providers thanks to funding by the Province of British Columbia.

Please click here for more information and to Register.

UVic - Self-Management BC Programs

Supported through the Ministry of Health’s Patients as Partners Initiative, Self-Management BC provides programs to support people with chronic conditions learn tools, tips and strategies to live a healthy life.

Please click here to view our programs.

We are delighted to let you know that programs for people living with diabetes, chronic pain and chronic conditions are available in these formats:

  • Small Group Conference – max 4 persons over teleconference or computer audio -  workshops run 30-45 minutes once per week for 6 weeks
  • Independent – a one time-mailing of a kit – with guide book for the independent, self-starter
  • Online - Chronic Conditions Online program - 6 weeks, long on at own convenience with new topics posted each week.
  • One-to-One – the Health Coach Program – one-to-one peer support by way of a telephone call for 30 minutes, once per week for 3 months

Please click here for more information.

For more details about any of the above, please call us 604-940-1273 or TF: 1-866-902-3767 or visit our website

Oceanside Hospice Society

The Oceanside Hospice Society serves individuals and families experiencing end-of-life, care-giving and bereavement in the area stretching from Deep Bay to Nanoose, and west to Errington and Whiskey Creek

We strive to provide links in the continuum of care by supporting care giving at home, in hospital or the palliative care unit at Trillium and at community care facilities.

Please contact us at 250.752.6227 or visit for further information.

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