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Vanity Performance Metrics—Looking beyond the numbers

This slide deck is one from yours truly, and it's also the reason why is a little late this week 😓 — On the bright side, my trip to Bochum, DE was fantastic. Huge thanks to the RuhrJS team, and all the awesome people I met. 

Did you know that more than half of the global population has no internet access at all? Or that 60% of mobile connections are 2G?, or that the rate of mobile adoption worldwide is in the hundreds of millions?
This deck might be worth a look. 



The current state of Brotli compression

Brotli is a new(ish) compression algorithm that is supported by Chrome 50+, as well as Firefox 45+, and from what I've seen is far superior to GZip in regards to compression ratio.

Sam Saffron has written an excellent guide that will give you everything you need to get started.

​A++, will read again, and again.



Three Real-World Uses for Mutation Observer 

MutationObserver is a lesser known JavaScript API that allows you to detect when elements in a web page are inserted, changed or removed.

Definitely something here for you. 👍 work by Zack Bloom.



ReactHN: a Hacker News Progressive Web App that works offline   

An open-source Hacker News client built using React, Firebase and react-router. Full source and history is available on Github. 




#perfmatters tee

You may remember the #perfmatters poster from Issue #2 — Well, now you can get it as a t-shirt on a premium Cotton Bureau tee.

To sweeten the deal, use coupon code "GQV6PSP7" for a  10% discount. 



High Performance Browser Networking

Ilya Grigorik's book "High Performance Browser Networking" is an excellent resource that covers everything you already knew about browser networking, as well as everything you probably didn't know existed.  If you don't follow Ilya already, make sure you do.

This book definitely deserves a spot on your bookshelf, but if you'd rather read it online for free, you can do that too. 

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