November 2015
Super Glue Corporation News: November 2015

The Ultimate Centerpiece Activity to Keep Your Kids Entertained During Thanksgiving

Fall has arrived. Sure, it’s rather shocking that the year has flown by so fast, but it’s also the perfect time to start preparing for festive crafts for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday season. With the gathering of family and friends, the making of a delicious feast and the process of keeping children entertained, many people find that they have a whole lot on their plate — both figuratively and literally speaking.

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Super Glue Helps Instrument Repair

It can certainly be said that Super Glue’s resumé is getting pretty hefty these days. Along with its countless household and office applications, the adhesive never ceases to amaze by adding another surprising use into the mix. One of its more unique applications is that it can be used to make repairs on instruments, such as bass and acoustic guitars.

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Home Remedies For Removing Super Glue

For countless people, Super Glue is the essential bonding agent for household repairs, DIY projects, crafts and other types of applications. Occasionally during the fixing or crafting process, mishaps or spills can occur. This can make for some very interesting situations. Here are a few home remedies to help remove Super Glue.

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Zap – The Best Adhesive for Hobbyists.

It’s a commonly known fact that hobbyists love to make things. They enjoy the art of building something bit by bit, piece by piece, with the use of steady hands and a keen eye. Often, along with patience and skill, they rely on one other element to complete their work: adhesives. Come to think of it, it’s hard to imagine what we’d all do without them.

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