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Around the Courts - Weekend Comp Update

A brief look at how our Senior and Junior weekend teams have done this Winter season. 


Well done to all our juniors on braving the cold starts each weekend to play some excellent tennis!  And congrats to the parents who are also enjoying a bracing morning outing!
I’m conscious we have had some disruptions to playing order and team structures as various sporting injuries, school commitments and the usual winter lurgies caught up with us.  In a few cases we have had to play with fewer players than needed, so thank you for bearing with us as we have shuffled a few things around at the last minute.  These problems have also no doubt affected a few of the team results.

CSp1 Blue – Nicholas N, James, Nick R and Liam are sitting comfortably in third on their ladder, playing a strong season.

CSp1 Red – Max, Tom, Marcus and Lachlan have played a great season and sit on top of their ladder by more than 25 points.

CSp2 – James, Gabriel, Will and Zak have fought hard to gain their spot in the top four in fourth place.  Pleased to see Zak has recovered from his injury and is able to get back on court.

DSp2 – Luke, Hugh, Lewis and Amos are also sitting fourth, playing well to secure a spot in their top four.

DSp3 – George, Patrick, Errol and Archie are just outside their top four, coming fifth with plenty of opportunity to make finals with two matches to play.  A good first effort for the team, with learning the playing process more important than actual results.

Thanks to Tom Lidgerwood for organising the larger number of teams we have on Sunday mornings.  Again, we have had some specific issues to deal with, not least of which was a “white-out” the weekend before the break, when a heavy layer of frost prohibited play – first time I can remember it happening.  Possibly most players that day were grateful!

A Res1 – Sebastian and Ethan sit in fifth with only five points between them and the top four.

BSp1 – Mia, Declan and Jamie have fought hard and are coming seventh on their ladder.

BSp3 – Patrick, Reuben and Max are sitting in eighth, with much more to give before finals.

B1 – Alessandro, Lachlan, Fergus and Lincoln are playing very well having found themselves a place in the top four in third position.

C1 Blue – Tom, Varick, Joshua and Sam are fifth and sit only just out of the top four.

C1 White – Kuba, Naomi and Jemma have played a well fought season, currently in eighth.  Have had to deal with a player short for most of the season, and recently Emma and Maddy have also been able to contribute.

C3 – Tyler, Noah, Kyle and Henry are playing hard, sitting only one point behind seventh position.  Tyler has suffered some footy injuries so his season might be over, but thanks to the other boys and parents for pitching in.

DSp2 – Tiana, Georgia, Alyssa, Luca and Oliver are incredibly close to making the top four with less than a point in it.

Junior finals begin in two weeks so keep at it everyone and play hard!


Some of our Junior players in action last weekend.


Our Winter season provided great result for all our senior teams. Of our nine Pennant teams five made finals, and the remaining four teams finished in fifth place, one spot out from the top four. This is the best result for a long time and what’s also encouraging is the number of juniors that have been filtering through the grades and improving so quickly. It would be great if we could get a Grade 1 pennant team back at East Malvern, and we have the players coming through who are certainly capable.

The Bayside teams have also been performing strongly and with two rounds to go both Bayside teams currently sit in their top four. Earnest efforts all round.

Saturday PM Grade 1 Doubles Rohan, Elliot, Paul, Lloyd and Peter, Alex & Robert sit second on the ladder, playing the semi final Sat 12th at home. Its been a very good season and hopefully can make it to the final again this year.

Saturday PM Grade 6 Section 1 – Andrew, Mark, Liam, James and Fredrick finished Top of the ladder.  James Hartson and Liam Lamb have had terrific seasons and were both undefeated in singles and only lost 1 doubles. They will both be competing for the best player of the year across all clubs. Both players are capable of playing Grade 1 pennant in a year or two.

Saturday PM Grade 7 Section 2 – Cameron, Jack, Mitch, Jordan, Gabriel & Tom finished fifth on the ladder, had a mixed year with potential to make finals but some close losses just kept them out of the finals.

Saturday PM Grade 8 Section 3 – Alan, John, Peter C, Peter G and Ron. The boys, who have been playing together for more than four years, finished just outside the top four in fifth. Another good solid year and unlucky not to make the finals as well.

Sunday PM Grade 3 Section 4 – Simon W, Simon T, Youri and Marcel.  As great it is to have a team of coaches and ex coaches representing the club, it’s even better to have them play a great season and secure a place in finals, finishing 3rd in their section.  Marcel is new to the club and won every singles match for the season. Youri, Simon and Simon also had good results through the season. Thanks also to James and Jack for filling in during the season and performing well.

Sunday PM Grade 5 Section 6 – Mahesh, Dan, Tom, Andrew, Cliff, Damien & Johannes. An overall strong season for the guys who have been playing together for some years, this time nailing third place in the top four.

Saturday AM Grade 3 Section 1 – Therese, Steph, Jodie and Mirjana.  A great comeback season for these ladies who just missed finals by 3 points, finishing fifth on the ladder.

Saturday AM Grade 5 Section 1 – Carolyn, Joanne, Vanessa and Isabel, along with a number of emergencies, Played a good season, almost making the top four and finishing in fifth.

Saturday AM Grade 5 Section 2 – Nicole, Rebecca, Amanda and Kelsey & Lynette. These ladies competed very well this year, playing a consistent season and scored themselves a home first week final, finishing 2nd.

We would love to get some more ladies teams and if there is anyone interested, please call/email the club.

Saturday PM Sec 2 EM1 – Matt, Paul, Chris, Heath and Martin.  Playing a great season, these boys have secured a strong lead and sit atop their ladder one week out from finals.

Saturday PM Sec 2 EM2 – Josh, Juan, Andrew, Tim and Alice.  Another well played season, they are in the top four placing fourth on the ladder.

Good luck to all those finals teams. It’s been 30 years since EMTC have secured a pennant flag, and this year we are feeling just as hopeful!