It's time to start shopping, and figuring out what to get for all those folks on your holiday gift list can be a daunting task! We are here to make things easier for you, and have come up with a HANDY-DANDY GIFT GUIDE pairing up your family and friends with the perfect Looney Labs game. No matter which games you choose, everyone is sure to have a super fun time! 


Christmas-loving coworker

You can hear her jingle bell earrings coming from a mile away, and she loves her festive holiday sweaters! What could be better for her than the brand-new Holiday Fluxx? All the festive imagery of the holidays packed into a fun-filled game that's always changing. We recommend busting out the eggnog when you teach her how to play.

moody TEENAGEr

Teenagers are tough to shop for, but we'd be willing to bet they know and/or love The Walking Dead! Give them the gift of Zombie Fluxx, and they can have fun trying to prevent the Zombie Apocalypse!  

precocious tween

Tweens are smart, quick, and love FUN. They will LOVE Loonacy! The fast-paced energy of this awesome matching card game makes it impossible to not have a blast playing it....and it's great for younger kids, too! Heck, it's even great for big adult kids!

weird uncle

He has eccentric tastes, and he doesn't care who knows it. You know he watches Monty Python's Flying Circus every chance he gets, why not give him a game he will love? Monty Python Fluxx will take him to a land of crazy knights, silly quests, and killer rabbits! 

doctor who fan

Time travel is hot, and you're sure to have a few Doctor Who fans in your inner circle. Chrononauts is a game that will allow them to change history and collect cool artifacts! Feel free to give them bonus points for wearing a bow tie or long, brown coat. 

sci fi geek

Star Trek? Star Wars? Or maybe they're into Guardians Of The Galaxy? IT DOESN'T MATTER. If they like sci fi, or space-related things, they will LOVE Star Fluxx! Click on the image way up top to watch Wil Wheaton play with his friends!

party host/ess

You're headed out to a festive party - you don't want to show up empty-handed! Sure, you could bring wine...but so will everyone else. Bring something uniquely awesome that EVERYONE at the party can enjoy: the superfun party game, Choose One! How well do you really know your friends? You might be surprised! 

Great suggestions, right? We thought so, too! Of course, there are bunches more games to choose from, so don't be shy about picking up whatever catches your eye. Now head over to your friendly neighborhood game shop, pick up some Looney Labs fun, and cross those names off your list! Don't have a game shop close to you? Head to our webstore and shop to your heart's content! All webstore orders ship with an awesome free holiday gift! You're so totally winning the gift-buying game - Santa will be proud. 

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