September 2015
Super Glue Corporation News: September 2015

How to Make Nearly Invisible Art Repairs With Super Glue Gel

Art is all around us, much more than we realize. It can be found in the forms of delicate figurines, colorful pottery, and cherished family heirlooms. These decorative pieces of art have a way of beautifying a home and at times wind up in pieces. A broken work of art does not always have to end with tossing it in the garbage. Super Glue Gel can be an effective tool to use for patching up your favorite masterpieces.

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How to Choose the Best Glue for the Job

Adhesives can truly save the day when it comes to repairs, quick fixes, and creative craft projects. As there’s a large selection of glue types to choose from, it’s important to pick the best one in order to ensure a successful result for each particular job. Many of us have tried using a random adhesive we had within reach, attempted to repair something, and discovered that the pieces failed to bond.

Check out these handy tips and facts that will hopefully help make your next sticky situation … stick:

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Bring Your Broken Jewelry Back to Life with Super Glue

Wearing jewelry offers up a great opportunity to dazzle up your outfit, make a fun fashion statement, and express your unique sense of style. However, when an emotionally valuable piece breaks, its final destination is often doomed for the junk jewelry drawer or the bottom of the wastebasket. Instead of simply tossing these bits and pieces away, gather them up and do a little DIY design.

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The Glue Reveals The Clue

Many of us are familiar with the popular entertainment trend of criminal investigation programs, showcasing the art of forensics and the process of catching criminals. As riveting as they may be, it’s not always so simple. However, as shown in the New Scientist article, “Vapourised Super Glue helps lift fingerprint from gun trigger,” sometimes life really does pan out like it would onscreen.

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