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EMTC and our LOGO

The EMTC Committee is focused on positioning the Club well for the future. One new initiative is to explore the current logo and alternatives, evaluating the case for change.

As a tennis club, a logo is an important part of our identity. It is also an opportunity to provide community recognition and standing. This benefits the Club directly in terms of new member attraction and retention thus assisting with financial sustainability. Indirectly it provides broader community recognition in terms of presence and strength as a Club with ensuing sponsorship opportunities as an example. We recognise that history is important and our current logo reflects our history. Yet we also recognise that our history is not necessarily our competitive advantage / signature strength. We believe our family friendly values, demographics and culture are more valuable for our sustainability.

As such we are reflecting on whether our logo is still consistent with our strengths and provides the optimum Club appeal/identity.  At this stage, we are hoping to get some initial feedback from members as well as some potential design ideas on how we may enhance/redesign our current logo to better reflect what we stand for as a club and our Vision of being a family friendly, vibrant community hub.  With this in mind, we ask all members who would like to be part of this process to provide us with feedback on the current logo, or a potential design for an alternative logo. 

Please note that we will be inviting all junior members to put forward their ideas over the coming weeks also, in the form of a fun competition.

If you wish to contribute, please provide us with your feedback by Sunday 25th October 2015.. You can reply to this email, or alternatively leave your suggestions in the secure mail slot to the right of the Admin Office window.

We look forward to hearing from you.

EMTC Committee