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Welcome to the DigitalX December newsletter. In this newsletter we’ll review our 2015 accomplishments as we anticipate an amazing New Year ahead!

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Company Update
2015 was a banner year for DigitalX! The following are just some of the highlights:

We look forward to 2016 and many new developments, including the commercial launch of AirPocket! We wish you all a very Happy Holiday and New Year!

Market Update

In recent weeks, we’ve seen banks start to embrace the promise of the blockchain. Banks are keen to exploit blockchain technology (ie. secure distributed ledger) not only as a means of offering financial transparency to their customers, but also as a faster and more cost effective  way to do business.

In addition, due to the immutability of the blockchain, auditing becomes much more streamlined and efficient. Other benefits include improved monitoring processes and easier cross-bank cooperation.

In fact, with so many bank and financial institution-led projects exploring blockchain technology, investment bank Magister Advisors predicts that up to $1B will be spent on on this front in 2017!

Blockchain in the News
  1. Deutsche Bank Explores Outlook For Instant Payments & Blockchain Brings Options
  2. Major Global Banks Begin to Embrace Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology
  3. ING Exec: ‘All Our Business Lines’ Involved in Blockchain Exploration
  4. Commonwealth Bank says blockchain may transform trade finance, share trading
  5. R3 Developing Open Source Blockchain for Banks, says Head of Research
  6. Blockstream’s Austin Hill: Some Banks Have 150 People Working on Blockchain Technology
  7. Big Banks Are Hopping On Bitcoin's Blockchain Bandwagon
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