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This Halloween, like the rest of this year, is probably going to be a bit different from past years. In many areas, it may not be safe for your family or your neighbors to go trick-or-treating, attend a party, or brave a haunted house. But not to worry! We at Looney Labs have put together a Halloween extravaganza for your current bubble to participate in... be there just one of you, or a whole houseful! We know it's a little early, but we wanted you to have a little time to plan. So...we have three offerings: (1) a YouTube playlist with recipes, music, and crafts, (2) a costume contest, and (3) some games, of course!

For starters, what's a holiday without food and music? To get you in the "spirit," we've created a YouTube playlist that will keep the snacks coming with caramel apple bake, worms in dirt (pudding), and hot apple cider to wash it all down. There are also six Halloween tunes to dance in the kitchen to while you bake.

Next, you'll want to carve your pumpkin! So we included a simple how-to for roasting those pumpkin seeds... mmm! And for ambiance, we've included four different long-playing creepy music tracks to carve to.

Not into pumpkin carving? We've got a couple different DIY craft mash-ups with more than a dozen fun ideas for the whole family. And while you craft, you can take an armchair Disneyland vacation and listen to the full soundtrack to the Haunted Mansion ride! All of this can be found on this playlist

Next, no Halloween is complete without a costume! What do a pirate, penguin, Captain America, a tourist, Sponge Bob, and someone's Granny have in common? They are all characters in one or more Looney Labs games! Check here for character ideas, create a costume, and post a picture to your Facebook page between now and Halloween with all three of these hashtags: #Halloween2020, #LooneyLabs, and #contest. Every "like" your picture gets earns you a ticket in the raffle. One lucky entrant will win a Pyramid Arcade! We'll announce the winner on our Facebook feed on November 1st. Feel free to share your post with friends to let them join in the fun or vote for your awesome costume.

Now that you're in your costume, there's just one more thing to do... sit down, relax a little, and play a game! We have three levels of creepy Fluxx fun to try. Monster Fluxx is a simple, Creeper-free romp that's great for anyone who can read. For a little more challenge, try Zombie Fluxx. Or if you're ready to go a little insane, try the quite challenging and creepy Cthulhu Fluxx. There's still time to order your copies either from a local store, our webstore, or Amazon. Nobody available to play with? No problem... you can play a game of Monster Fluxx on Tabletopia with long-distance friends, or jump in a game of Zombie Fluxx on your smart phone. And when you're ready to eat some candy, try a print-and-play game of The Closest Ghost that uses candy pieces!

Now that's a whole lot of fun! Happy Halloween!

Last month we let you know that six new games will be releasing on November 12th, and we gave you a bit of a sneak peak at one of those games--the Zendo Expansion Pack #2. This month we want to tell you about Star Trek: Voyager Fluxx, and next month we'll talk about the four pyramid games.

Star Trek: Voyager Fluxx is the fourth Star Trek Fluxx, and the fifth Star Trek game we've published (the non-Fluxx is Star Trek Chrono-Trek and it's an awesome time travel game similar to Chrononauts). As with previous titles, this deck uses the cool and unique artwork of Kevin Hill, and it also lets you reminisce about all your favorite Voyager episodes and characters. For example, you can join Tom in the holodeck for an interactive episode of Captain Proton, struggle with the rest of the crew to fathom a species even the Borg fear, take singing lessons from the doctor along with Seven, or marvel at the transporter accident that created Tuvix, a being that is part Tuvoc (Mister Vulcan, as Neelix calls him) and part Neelix! There is also a card that let's you reminisce about your own family's history as well. Ancestor's Eve is a New Rule that requires you to name a personal ancestor each time you reap the card's benefits.

And if you're feeling really adventuresome, you can shuffle all four Star Trek Fluxx decks together for an epic evening of Roddenberry goodness! (Warning: Although these four were designed with deck mixing in mind, anytime you add decks the game becomes longer and more complicated. Four decks will be truly epic!)

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This month's Custom Loonacy deck is space-related! You can buy it for just $10 at the link below or use it as a starting point to create your own customized deck.

Don't know what Custom Loonacy is yet? All is explained, including a how-to video at www.customloonacy.com. Go take a look!

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ReaperCon Live Online

We would like to apologize for the confusion regarding ReaperCon Live a few weeks ago. We did have a presence at the event by way of logo and webstore link, but there were some last-minute changes that led to us not being virtually present ourselves. We apologize to those who attempted to attend our events and were left confused, and we thank ReaperCon for the opportunity to get involved. Keep an eye on our social media channels for potential upcoming play sessions with the Looneys (unrelated to any official event)!


25th Anniversary Celebration

Keep an eye on this space for updates about how to celebrate with us next year for our 25th anniversary!

LooneyCon has only happened once... in 2016 for our 20th anniversary. It was tons of fun and you can see a video about it here. We will again be holding celebrations throughout the year in 2021 for our 25th anniversary. We don't know exactly what form those events will take yet, because we don't know how the pandemic will affect us all next year. But we WILL be having some fun and definitely want you to join us!


MidSouthCon 2021

Though the 2020 MidSouthCon was canceled due to the pandemic, Kristin and Andy will be gaming guests of honor at MidSouthCon for next year instead! They very much enjoyed being guests of honor a few years ago and plan to bring even more fun this time around! The Looneys look forward to playing your favorite games with you, signing autographs, and showing off prototypes of upcoming games!

MidSouthCon is the longest-running annual fan-run multi-genre Science Fiction Convention in the Mid-South. It covers a diverse section of fannish culture that includes Science Fiction, Fantasy, Science, Comics, Horror, Education, Costuming, Anime, and Gaming. MidSouthCon has an average of 2200 attendees, including over 100 authors, editors, publishers, scientists, artists and other guests and panelists. It features more than 200 hours of programming, including panels, the annual Art and Charity Auctions, Masquerade costume contest, and more. There are also hundreds of hours of gaming running non-stop throughout the weekend.

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Why do you say Star Trek: Voyager Fluxx is your last Star Trek themed game when there are so many more to cover?

A:  This is an exciting time to be a Star Trek fan. Not only will there soon be 4 different Trek-themed versions of Fluxx available, but with the exciting news that a Captain Pike series is on the way, we are about to enter a time when there are 4 new Trek shows happening at once. Wow. That’s simply astonishing, and makes me think of previous times of plenty (i.e. when DS9 and Voyager were happening concurrently) as well as our famines (starting with the original show’s cancelation, which I’m just a little too young to remember, and including the bleak years after the unfortunate end of Enterprise).

Anyway, as that pre-ramble should make obvious, my fandom doesn’t stop at Voyager. However, as a company who can only release a few new products each year, Looney Labs has decided that four different Trek Fluxxes will be enough for now. There’s a universe of other themes to explore!

And who knows, maybe someday we’ll come back to this subject. But suppose we did: what Trek should we tackle next? Just a few years ago the obvious answer would have been Enterprise, but at this point, the series I’d be most interested in doing next would be Lower Decks. On the other hand, it’s way too soon to begin thinking about Fluxxifying that or any of the new shows, since they’re actively on-going. I have to see where those stories go before I can put my own spin on them!

For Enterprise fans disappointed to hear that Archer’s crew is stuck in the holding buffer, I’d like to point out that he, Dr. Phlox, and Porthos do make appearances in Chrono-Trek, which is the Star Trek card game I’m most proud of. (If you’ve read this far you probably already know about it, but if not, check it out!)

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This group is a place for Looney Labs fans to chat (with each other and with Kristin and Andy) about anything and everything related to Looney Labs and the games they publish. Information and other resources about our Fan Club can also be found here!

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Games Plus is a much bigger store than it looks like from the outside! The store opened in 1982 with Joe Orlowski and other local gamers making a vision come true. Ownership has changed hands since then, but Joe's core ideals still remain--provide everything the adventure gamer could want, and a place to network and game together.

Today you will find a friendly atmosphere and helpful staff, a wide selection of all the latest games, and an extensive play space, which is available by appointment in the current setting. Games Plus focuses primarily on its local customers, but can also do mail orders for those who don't have a friendly local game store available to them.

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