October 2015
Super Glue Corporation News: October 2015

Make a Super Spooky Halloween Sign With Front Porch Treasures

Halloween is just around the oh-so spooky corner. Before you know it, people of all ages will be dressing up in creative costumes, from the most frightening to the delightfully adorable. But before a troop of trick-or-treaters finds their way to your front porch, now is the perfect time to use Front Porch Treasures and get a little crafty for the season with a fun and easy holiday sign.

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Coolant Line Maintenance With Pacer Industrial Pipe Sealant

Many of us know the harsh realities of car repairs all too well. Often, if smaller issues are not taken care of, they can snowball into major problems, and become extremely costly. Pacer Industrial offers a wide range of adhesives that can help to maintain your vehicle, while at the same time help to prevent that drain on your wallet. Since we’re on the subject of draining, if a pipe system in your automobile has a leak, High Performance Pipe Sealant can be an effective way to seal up fluid leakage and repair it in no time at all.

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How Does Super Glue Work?

It may come as no real surprise that Super Glue is an amazingly strong bonding adhesive. For many people, it has helped to repair a treasured  item or saved the day in a DIY project predicament.

This versatile adhesive can be used in multiple ways, and its everyday uses, fingerprint identifying ability, and car holding strength make it an astonishing substance. But have you ever stopped to think how this glue actually works? Let’s have a look at all the sticky details.

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