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Health and wellbeing

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This month the office team is taking vitamins and eating fruit at every opportunity in an effort to stave off the colds which seem to be doing the rounds. Perhaps it's the children returning to school, but they seem to be everywhere! Being hardy types, we work through and you can still rely on us even if we are a little croaky!  We hope that you will all follow our lead and increase your fruit and vegetable intake.....

Meet The Driver: Piotr Babuch

Meet The Team - Piotr Babuch

It was great to interview Piotr as our featured driver for this month’s newsletter. Piotr is a wonderful, interesting person. His positive reflections on life and the world around us can’t help but give a boost to everyone he meets!

Piotr has been interested in cars all of his life. One of his earliest memories is of his own Dad wanting to have a car but not being able to afford one. He finally achieved his dream of car ownership at the age of 40 and Piotr was determined to have one of his own – to experience the freedom that they bring – before that age himself. Read more...

Another new addition to the fleet...

Mercedes Sprinter - new addition to the fleet

As you already know, the Airport Lynx and Myhill’s Mini-Coaches team are fans of anything that runs on wheels and is battery powered: Steve Russell loves motorbikes, Jayne Russell loves luxury four wheel drives, Liz loves HGV lorries, Claire loves small, zippy cars and the rest of the team like anything that comes with a chauffeur!

The arrival of a brand new Mercedes Sprinter has brought lots of happiness to the bookings team. They are delighted to be able to tell potential customers that we now have a brand new mini-coach that can seat up to 22 passengers. With a full leather interior, USB charging ports, curtains, air conditioning, reading lights and hard wired WiFi, it takes group travel to a new level of luxury. Read more...

Car travel etiquette

Car travel etiquette

Both our drivers and the bookings team are regularly asked questions about the etiquette of travel and we’ve had some great conversations about scenarios and experiences in other countries and closer to home.

We thought it would be useful to share some thoughts in this area in a Q and A format. Read more...

And finally... 
As ever, if you've travelled with us and have feedback on any aspect of our service, we'd like to know of it. You can email us at info@airportlynx.co.uk or call the office on 01223 440040 - we are always keen to hear of your experiences with us and want to make sure that we take you and your team from A to B discreetly, safely and in style.

Best wishes,
Steve, Jayne and the Airport Lynx team.