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Centre Update - August 2019
The Bookkeeper Magazine – All the latest news from the IAB and industry updates

The Bookkeeper, is the quarterly magazine sent by the IAB to professional members in the post. The Bookkeeper contains the latest news from the IAB and helps to keep you up to speed with all the latest industry and legislation developments, including regular updates from HMRC,The Pensions Regulator and more!

As an IAB Accredited Centre we would like to give you access to the digital version of the magazine and we hope you will find it an enjoyable and useful read.

Some of the articles featured include:
• How to get great results from your bookkeeping business
• An update from The Pensions Regulator
• How to keep staff motivated
• Information about the Women in Business Expo which is taking place on 16 and 17 October and which the IAB are exhibiting at.

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Qualification Fees for 2019/20

In preparation for September, we are releasing the updated fees for the 2019-2020 academic year. IAB fees have not been increased since the launch of the RQF syllabus in 2016, however for the first time we have been forced to review them. We hope we are giving centres enough notice of the new fees.

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Professional membership to take your students career to the next level

Are your students looking to build a career that counts? Do your students want to stand out from the crowd? From the moment your students register for an IAB qualification they receive a year’s free student membership.  Once they successfully complete IAB qualifications, depending on which qualification has been achieved, they may be eligible to upgrade their student membership to professional membership. This allows them to benefit from the prestige of recognised letters after their name, along with a host of offer support.

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Is your centre planning an open day?

If you’re planning an open day we would really like to hear from you.  We are keen to support our centres and their students with open days or other events you arrange whether it be by us attending the event to help promote bookkeeping as an excellent career choice and the IAB qualifications or if we can provide marketing materials such as leaflets and pens for you to hand out.
We are also able to speak at events you arrange in relation to bookkeeping.
If you have an event coming up please contact the education team with further information: education@iab.org.uk or 01732 897750.

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