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Students E-Newsletter June 2018
IAB training provider celebrates achievements of students in style

IAB Accredited Training Provider, Zatkhon Accountancy LTD celebrated the achievements of their students at a special awards ceremony which took place earlier in the month.  The students have successfully completed the IAB’s computerised payroll and bookkeeping qualifications.
Helen Abari, who is director of the centre which is based in Haringey and also an IAB Honorary Ambassador, explained why every year the organisation hosts an Award Ceremony

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Finance professionals falling victim to the ‘always-on’ work culture

A staggering 60% of professionals in the accounting sector confess to replying to work-related emails, or making work-related calls in their free time. What’s more, one in four (26.7%) admit that they check their phone for work purposes immediately before they go to sleep and as soon as they wake up. That’s according to the latest survey from CV-Library, a leading independent job site.

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Number of serious tax evasion cases on the rise

The number of serious tax evasion cases has jumped 18% in the past year to 3,809, up from 3,216 in 2016/17, driven by the information HMRC has received under the common reporting standard (CRS).
The common reporting standard allows the Revenue to receive information about UK residents with offshore bank accounts.

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HMRC Talking Points sessions – June and July 2018

HMRC’s regular Talking Points meetings provide ongoing information, guidance and tips, helping you to understand tax issues.
Further details of future scheduled online meetings can be found in the full article.

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There’s a badge for that

The Girl Guides have teamed up with insurer Legal & General to create a new ‘Saver’ badge, which is designed to help promote financial literacy among young girls and women. Skills required to earn the Saver badge will include managing cash efficiency.

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A day a week?

How long do you think you are spending online? An Ofcom study found that adults spend an average of one whole day a week online. Weekly internet use rose from 22.9 hours in 2016 to 24 hours last year. Some 10 years ago we were spending 12.1 hours a week online.

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Watch this space

All GCSE and A-level pupils have been banned from wearing wristwatches in the exam hall in an effort to stamp out cheating. The Joint Council for Qualifications has already banned smart-watches, but the worry is some smartwatches can be disguised as common or garden wristwatches.

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Macron's euro zone reforms - Grand vision reduced to pale imitation

PARIS (Reuters) - When French President Emmanuel Macron laid out a sweeping vision for eurozone reform last September, he spoke of “rebuilding Europe”, with a common budget for the euro nations and a single minister to oversee it all.

The proposals he will discuss when he sits down with German Chancellor Angela Merkel outside Berlin on Tuesday will be far less ambitious, with deep differences between the two European powerhouses.

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