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As Spring expands its reality, so do the banks of the rivers and streams. Twice this week, I rose, witness to the incredible power of the season. One morning showed the signs of a 12 hour Kennebecasis transformation. At night, I observed a river of solid ice, etched with the skeletons of snowmobile adventures. At dawn, the mighty river had lifted the weight of a highway, flowing through the fields and meadows, fertilizing them with silt in preparation for the imminent burst of green life. On another night, I finished brushing my teeth watching the moonlit currents push from under the ice in search of channels to the sea. By dawn, the Kennebecasis flowed freely.

But the power of this season is not limited to the transformation of nature. Spring expands our imaginations. We see the potential for all the projects, vacations, adventures and of course, the great meals. Positivity becomes the default theme of our daily outlook. And it is no mistake, sunshine and warm weather are among the perfect ingredients for a great time with great people. Of course, the store is also transforming to reflect the season. Our beloved ice cream is being sold by the scoop and the meat cooler shows signs of BBQ season. We had magnificent plans to renovate the original part of the store, but the grasp of winter has pushed those plans back. However, we are building new displays and reorganizing with the resources we have. I have to say, the store looks great.

A couple months ago I sampled out some papayas because they were exceptionally tasty. I pretty much sold a case within an hour. Since that case, the quality has been hit and miss. Today, we got a case of really nice ones. I haven't tasted one yet, but I can tell just by looking at them that they will ripen perfectly. Our selection of organic pears is heavenly this weekend. We had a few ripe avocados, so we made a great batch of chocolate avocado pudding that is available on the deli shelf. Organic kale, swiss chard and bunch carrots are still 2 for $5 and we have lots of 10lb local, no-spray potatoes on for $4.99. If you like smoothies, please check out our freezer for some of the 300g local strawberries and the 300g California blackberries. They are ready to be poured into your blender with your favourite smoothie ingredients, perfect for a pie or great in a fruit salad.

In the meat cooler, the deli team has made a fresh batch of sun-dried tomato and pesto sausage and spinach, tomato and feta sausage. We ran a little low on beef last week, but our butchers are fully prepared for a busy weekend with lots of great steaks, ground beef, burgers and anything else you would like to request. We also have some fantastic new duck and pork products from La Ferme Du Diamant. After speaking with one of the owners and looking at the simplicity of their ingredients, it is apparent that they put as much care into their products as we do.

Recently, Kredl's was lucky enough to participate in a win-win-win transaction with Tim Livingstone of Strawberry Hill Farm. He produces wonderful pasture-raised certified organic chickens. Well, he had a surplus, still perfectly shrink-wrapped in his freezer, so we helped him out and bought 100 of them. We haven't had chickens that consumed green grass since December and we won't have them fresh again until June. We have also never had certified organic chicken before. However, these birds normally retail for $5.50 per pound, but the volume purchase gave us a better price, so we are selling them for $4.75 per pound. They are also a bit smaller averaging between $20-$25. If you don't see them, ask a staff member and we'd be happy to help you.

Have a wonderful sunny weekend!


Weekly Staff Profile:

Kredl's has a dream team of dedicated staff. Each of them have unique and inspiring stories. It will take over a year, but I am going to try to profile a staff member in each newsletter. They will be chosen in no particular order. This week, I would like to use the opportunity to introduce one of our newest members.

We are pleased to welcome Amanda Ryall to the Kredl's Team! She is a new addition to our butcher department working alongside Nick and Jay.

For Amanda, her position at Kredl's is a return to a passion she enjoyed as a butcher at Kuinshoeve Meats in Rothesay. Since leaving her position there several years ago, she endeavoured on a new passion as an MMA fighter. This sport acted as a conduit to regaining her health. Through whole food eating, healthy cooking and disciplined exercise she lost 105 pounds in 14 months and is on track to become a pro. Joining us at Kredl's is a great opportunity to continue exploring her passion for health.

Feel free to introduce yourself. She is very friendly, just be sure to stay on her good side ;).

Other News:

As you know, I'm always an enthusiastic supporter of families growing their own food. Community gardens are a great way to get your hands dirty. The following is a message from a new initiative, the Barnesville and Area Community Garden:

Growing your own food is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Filling your larder with homegrown produce will save you money and ensure your food supply. Not everyone has the land or the tools to do it alone. And some may lack the skills and knowledge. Barnesville and Area Community Garden is a grassroots initiative that will give you the opportunity to do all of the above. Community gardens enhance the life and relationships of the people who use them. People of all ages and abilities are encouraged to get involved. Conveniently located on the Barnesville Rd, the Presbyterian Church has generously supplied the ground to grow in. Upcoming events include Earth Day Seed Starting Workshop (April 22) and Garden Information Session (May 7) For more information, to secure a plot or to volunteer please contact Rose Doucet (Community Food Mentor) at 832-3841, Beth Firth at 832-7990 or join our Facebook group by clicking here. Let's Grow Together!



Apple, Apple, Apple, Gala, Bulk
Apples, Ambrosia, 3 lb Bags
Apples, Cortland, Bulk
Apples, Granny Smith, Bulk
Apples, Honeycrisp, Bulk
Apples, Jonagold, Bulk
Bananas (Almost Ripe!) - and we have fair trade!
Beets, Bunched
Beets, NS, No-Spray
Cabbage, Green
Cabbage, Red
Carrots, Bunched
Cranberries, Local Frozen
Cucumbers, English (PEI)
Fresh Herbs: Basil, Dill
  Garlic (Ontario and Argentina)
Grapefruit (4lb)
Grapefruit, Bulk
Green Onions
Jerusalem Artichokes
Kale Black
Kale, Green
Kiwi, 1lb
Kiwi, Bulk
Lettuce, Romaine
Lettuce, Romaine Hearts
Medjool Dates
Mushrooms, Crimini
Mushrooms, Portabello
Mushrooms, Shiitake
Mushrooms, White
Onions, Yellow (3 lb bags)
Oranges (large and small)
Parsley, Italian
Pears, Bosc
Pears, Bartlett
Pears, Red Bartlett
  Peppers, Green
Peppers, Red
Peppers, Yellow
Potatoes, 10lb bags
Potatoes, Cheiftans
Potatoes, Russet
Potatoes, Yukon Gem
Potted Herbs: Basil, Chives, Mint, Rosemary, Thyme
Sprouts, alfalfa, bean, booster mix, etc. (Grown locally)
Squash, Acorn
Squash, Butternut
Sweet Potatoes
Swiss Chard, Rainbow
Tomatoes, Grape
Tomatoes, Hot House (PEI)
Tomatoes, Vine Ripe
Turmeric, Fresh
Apples, Spartan, 3lb
In Market
2 for $5
Organic bunch beets
2 for $5
organic rainbow swisschard
2 for $5
ORGANIC Green Kale
2 for $5
2 for $5
organic bunched carrots
2 for $5
organic PEI Hothouse tomatoes
organic ZUCCHINI
organic SPARTAN Apples
organic AMBROSIA Apples
kreld's sun dried tomato & pesto sausage
avg $10.50
Kredl's spinach, tomato & feta sausage
avg $10
smoked mexican chorizo
avg $9.25
memphis style pulled pork
avg $7.75
kredl's cabbage rolls
avg $10
kredl's beef lasagna
avg $10
fresh local haddock
avg $5.50
hot smoked salmon
avg $9
KRedl's Works Pizza

Getting ready for mothers day!


Organic Potted Herbs!
Rosemary, Mint, Thyme, Basil
$5.99 or 2 for $10


A colourful selection of fruit at Kredl's!!


Organic Anjou Pears $2.99/LB
Organic Red Bartlett Pears $2.99/LB
Organic Bosc Pears $2.99/LB


Local strawberries and California blackberries portioned and ready for smoothies. They are $3.50 for 300g.

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