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Maytime Buzz from Bumpkins


Our big news this month is the launch of our exciting new Garden Project!

Our Garden Project teams are busy compiling ideas from the children and their parents to create natural gardens at the Main Nursery and PreSchool sites which will introduce the children to growing their own vegetables and flowers.

The gardens will support the Early Years curriculum, and include a sensory area and artificial grass.

We welcome your ideas!

You can add your suggestions to the parent board in the lobby or email us at hello@bumpkinsnursery.co.uk

Look out for ways to get involved over the coming weeks, including donations of unwanted items.


Thank you!

Review us on Facebook

.... for your wonderful Facebook reviews!  

They really helps us to spread the word of #TheBumpkinsDifference to other new families to the area.

Since our last newsletter, we have had a number of new reviews popping up on our Facebook page and on the Day Nurseries site. 

If you can spare a few minutes, please head over to our Facebook page and write us a quick review.  Thank you.


My Road to School

It's an exciting time for the pre-schoolers as they prepare for the transition to school in September.  

The school allocations have now been released so please let us know which school your child will be moving on to.

“My Road to School” helps our preschoolers and their parents prepare for the move by acquiring the necessary skills.

You will be given a print-out at Parent's Evening on Monday or you can download a copy of "My Road to School" from our website to help you support your child.


Hats and sunscreen!

It might not seem it this week but summer is finally here...?!?!

When the hot weather does arrive, please bring in hats and sunscreen for your child to keep them safe in the sun.

Our outdoor areas offer plenty of shade too.

Toddler Tips

Breakfast Sundaes

Our Bumpkins Toddler Tips are full of fun and easy activities for families with young children.

We have a growing collection of Toddler Tips on our website.

Keeping with the garden theme, these Egg Box Gardens are a fun way to introduce your child to growing your own flowers or vegetables from seed. 

Thank you for using Eylog

We're really pleased with the uptake on Eylog and it's lovely to see so many parents accessing the system to keep up to date with their child’s progress. 

Feel free to add your own photos to share what your child has been up to outside of nursery too!  We love to see the fun they're having.


Since the Royston Baby Show when we launched our Grow Your Own Sunflowers, we have received so many lovely images of your sunflowers as they grow!  Please keep them coming, we'd love to see plenty of blooms this summer :-)

Celebrations and Activities

Birthday Celebrations

We had plenty of fun on our 17th Birthday when the children enjoyed a party style tea and activities. 

You can find out more about all the fun activities and important dates for the year ahead on our social calendar on our website.

Parents Evening

Parents Evening

Thank you to everyone who came along to parents evening last night at the Main Nursery.    The Pre-School parents evening is on Monday 8th May at our Pre-School site.

To book an appointment please see the staff in your child’s room, pop your name in a convenient slot.

If your child has recently changed rooms, please have a chat with your old worker who will be happy to have a chat with you.

News from our Rooms

This term, our children have been looking at:

Caterpillars and Ladybirds:

Our new starters have settled in well and we have enjoyed welcoming all our new families to Bumpkins.  There's been Easter baking and making nests, daffodil making and carrot footprints.


The Bumblebees have been working on shapes, identifying them and finding them in the environment.

We've also celebrated Gardening Month and World Earth Day with plenty of outdoors inspiration!  They've been making earth pictures, gardening activities, playing in mud with the gardening tools and planting carrots and radishes


There's more outdoors activity with the Butterflies.  The Nature Rangers planted sunflowers and cress seeds, and printed flower pictures this Spring, whilst talking about the change in seasons.

We've also enjoyed a Space topic, making spaceships and looking at astronauts and the planets

Please remember to check your child’s draw for their art work.

Grasshopper and Dragonflies:   

Finally the Dragonflies have been talking about moving on to School, and we've all been talking about Occupations; discussing what people do.

You can see our snapshots of what we're up to on our Facebook page.

And finally...

Our photographer is in on Thursday 25th May to take Group Photos.  

If your child isn't normally in nursery on this day, feel free to bring them in for their photo, your room's time will be posted up on their wall.

The Bumpkins Team